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Message from the Chairman

Paying tributes to all our partners caring about circular economy and sustainability

       Taiwan Sugar Corporation used to focus primarily on the production and sales of sugar, and there was once a glorious history of sugar production. However, due to factors such as rapid industrial changes, changes in demographic structure, sluggish economic development and more and more market competitors, we are facing more and more challenges in business operations. 
       Faced with the dilemma, we started to think of a way to create the value of the state-own enterprise while running our business. Therefore, we have set“Revitalization of our Contribution to the Economics and Social Development of Taiwan” and “Reconnection with the Warm Memories in Taiwanese People’s Lives” as our operating visions to readjust our business direction and strategies, aiming at moving toward “Contributing to the Country, Staying in Line with Policies”, “Making Social Connections, Meeting Expectations”, “Industrial Cooperation, Assistance in Upgrading” and “Improving Operational Efficiency/ Performance”. 

Contributing to the Country, Staying in Line with Policies
       We focus on modern stables management, eco-friendly farming,biomaterials (whole pig, use of whole sugarcane) and development of green energy. With the goals of realizing circular economy and reuse of resources, we also plan to preserve sugar culture, adding values to it and combining them with business operations, creating unique intrinsic value of our products while implementing the government’s policy of promoting cultural and creative industries. In addition, the government has actively promoted the New Southward Policy. To cope with this trend, we will also deepen our investment in Southeast Asia and actively assess investment opportunities. 

Making Social Connections, Meeting Expectations
       Since the implementation of diversification, TSC has been catering to people’s needs for food, clothing, housing, transportation, education and recreation in Taiwan. Now in addition to meeting the basic needs, TSC also introduces the concept of circular economy into the production and service process, allowing our products and services to create new embedded green value. Furthermore, to expand the breadth and depth of our services, we even make use of the resources of our operation branches to strengthen the care for the community, including manpower and material support, resources recycling and so on so that the public not only get the tangible services we provide but also obtain spiritual satisfaction. 

Industrial Cooperation, Assistance in Upgrading
       In order to accelerate and external cooperation in the operation models of reinvestment, entrusted operations, strategic alliances, or cooperative construction and lease in the fields of both innovative industries and traditional industries, from medicine, biotechnology, energy, food, agriculture and sugar industries, to create a win- win for TSC and our partners.

Improvement in Operational Efficiency/ Performance
       In addition to closely monitoring the external environmental changes, we attach greater importance to the enhancement of internal competitiveness when it comes to business cooperation. In addition to planning thereforms in manpower, organization and system, we also promote accountability in management and assign tasks for team work. Furthermore,in terms of the promotion of our corporate culture, it is focused on the cultivation of spirits of “proactiveness”, “being brave to bear generational responsibility”, “building trust”, “coping with the trend”, and “actively building positive interaction” to nurture new viability for the sustainable management of TSC.  
Through the planning and implementation of these business directions, we believe that in the near future, everyone can feel the efforts and influen ce of TSC, which is also our core value of our existence.

                                                 ChairmanCharles Huang

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