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Corporate Governance


       The Corporate Sustainable Development Committee of Taiwan Sugar Corporation was established in accordance with the TSC’s Regulations for the Organization of Corporate Sustainable Development Committee, with the Chairman serving as the Steering Committee Member, the president as the Committee Chairman, and the Vice President of Business Supervision, Department of Planning as the Committee Vice Chairman while the managers, deputy managers, the heads of offices, divisions, districts, institutes and Kaohsiung Branch serve as the members of the Committee. Corporate Governance Group, Environmental Sustainability Group, Energy Conservation Group, and “Social and Employee Care Group” were set up for concurrently work as the conveners of the working groups. In 2017, all working groups convened meetings to formulate their annual plans and reviewed the effectiveness of plan implementation in 2016. All the results were reported to the Committee Chairman for approval. Every competent authority shall implement the committee resolutions and deliverables accordingly. The economic, environmental and social issues arising from operating activities are handled by the high-level management authorized by the Board and reported to the Board when necessary. In accordance with the Management Points of Procedure for Board of Director Meetings, the follow-up report concerning the items in the resolutions in the previous month will be made, and should there be no settlement, the Company will follow up such resolution and report to the Board. The 2018 CSR Report was submitted to and approved by the second Board meeting (June, 2018) of the 33rd Session of BOD. 

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