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Sustainable Development Policy

      The “Corporate Social Responsibility Promotion Committee” was established in 2012 to implement the sustainable development of the Company, and it was renamed the “Corporate Sustainable Development Committee” in 2015 to meet the international trends and actual needs. Meanwhile, “TSC’s Regulations for the Organization of Corporate Social Responsibility Promotion Committee” and “Operation Guidelines for Corporate Social Responsibility” were revised into “TSC’s Regulations for the Organization of Corporate Sustainable Development Committee” and “Operation Guidelines for Corporate Sustainable Development”. The annual work plan and work execution report are prepared every year and are submitted to the Corporate Sustainable Development Committee for discussion, and will be implemented in the future upon approval, promoting the company’s sustainable development work in a more pragmatic manner.

      The Corporate Sustainable Development Committee of Taiwan Sugar Corporation is chaired by the Chairman as the Steering Committee Member, with the president serving as the Committee Chairman and the Vice President of Business Supervision in the Department of Planning as the Committee Vice Chairman while the managers, deputy managers, the heads of offices, divisions (including the Environmental Protection Business Operation Center), districts, institutes and Kaohsiung Branch serve as the members of the Committee. Under the committee, there are four working groups of “Promotion of business development”, “Environmental sustainability”, “Sustainable energy” and “Employees and social care” to promote corporate sustainable development by using the unique core resources and expertise from top to bottom. The economic, environmental and social issues arising from operating activities are handled by the high-level management authorized by the Board of Directors and reported to the Board when necessary.

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