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Biological Refining


       The state-owned enterprise, Taiwan Sugar Corporation, was established on May 1, 1946. In recent years, due to the transformation of Taiwan's industrial structure brought by industrialization and economic liberalization, in order to seek sustainable development of the Company, it has actively expanded its diversified operation, adjusted its business strategies and actively carried out restructuring toward the direction of the development of the health industry. To accelerate the promotion of the green energy industry and the circular economy business in 2017, the Division of Solar Energy and the Circular Economy Group were established. It is determined that the Investment Business Division was established to strengthen investments at home and abroad. In order to promote overseas business and take into account food safety and demands in Taiwan, the Honduras Representative Office was established. The Animal Industry Business Division merged the Viet Phouc Agribusiness Company Limited with the Taiviet Agribusiness Co., Ltd. to organize consolidation and reduce costs.

Invested business

 Invested business
       In order to achieve a smooth transition and protect investment interests, TSC has expanded its invested businesses in western medicine, livestock feed, high-speed rail, power generation, sugar, biotech stocks, and biotech medical supplies to maintain stable profits. As of the end of December 2017, total investment in seventeen domestic and foreign private-owned enterprises amounted to approximately NTD 6.282 billion. In the domestic market, there are 13 companies, including Pfizer, with an investment of approximately NTD 5.157 billion, accounting for 82.09%. There are 4 companies in foreign countries, such as Taiviet Agribusiness Co., Ltd., with an investment of approximately NTD 1.125 billion, accounting for 17.91%. There are three companies in foreign countries, such as Taiviet Agribusiness Co., Ltd., with an investment of approximately NTD 1.125 billion, accounting for 17.91%. There are three companies in the invested businesses that have prepared Corporate Social Responsibility Report, including China Ecotek Corporation, ScinoPharm Taiwan, Ltd. and Taiwan High Speed Rail.

Major business areas

       Taiwan Sugar Corporation has actively promoted diversification and transformation, and has established eight divisions including Sugar Business Division,Biotechnology Business Division, Agriculture Business Division,Petroleum Business Division,Animal Industry Business Division,. We have gradually transLeisure Business Division, Marketing Business Division and Hypermarket Business Divisionformed from the traditional agriculture of pure sugar production and marketing into a diversifiedintegrated business including agriculture, industry, commerce, and service industries. We also develop green, health, construction, distribution, and leisure-related businesses. As the issues and trends of quality of life and environmental protection have been gradually paid attention to and the related industries are developing, the Company has also been actively carrying out the layout, taking into account the sustainable development of the Company whilefocusing on “green” and “health” industries to continue to serve the people. The main location for product sales and services is in Taiwan, and only some of the pig breeding and flower industries are outside Taiwan. Although the transformation of TSC is still limited by the relevant laws and regulations of the state-owned enterprise, we never give up our existing advantages and on the other hand, is actively developing new business opportunities. For example, we cultivate orchids that excels the world in quality; introduce biotechnology and develop a variety of health foods and cosmetics.
Among them, the small-packaged salad oil (below 3 liters) has the highest market share; the scientifically-raised TSC Safety Pork is synonymous with safe and healthy delicacies for consumers.

More information, please refer to the public information section on TSC home page.:https://www.taisugar.com.tw/english/CP.aspx?s=1859&n=10715

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