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Cultural Preservation and Added Value

Industrial Cultural Asset Regeneration Project

      In cooperation with the Ministry of Culture’s promotion of “Industrial Cultural Asset Regeneration Project” in 2018, TSC’s units, including Xihu Sugar Refinery, Douliu Sugar Refinery, Suantou Sugar Refinery, Huwei Sugar Refinery, Ciaotou Sugar Refinery, Cishan Sugar Refinery and Hualien Refinery as well as Taiwan Sugar Research Institute applied and obtained a grant of NTD 20.932 million from the Ministry of Culture to accelerate the development and utilization of the area of sugar refineries, shaping them into fields for cultural education and tourism to market the culture of sugar industry, activate the utilization to enhance the cultural added value of the sugar industry culture, achieving sustainable development of industrial heritage.

Tourism Sugar Factory

      Huwei Sugar Refinery is expected to be transformed into a tourism sugar factory.The marketing of sugar industry culture will increase business benefits and drive the development of the surrounding areas. In addition, the interaction and navigation of mobile devices can attract young and parent-child groups, and the promotion of the ecological circular economy model can be promoted to deepen the concept of environmental education while at the same time enhancing the brand value and the image of the company.

Heritage Preservation and Activation of Sugar Railways

Project Project Content
Repair and Maintenance of Sugar Train with Historical Value  In the period of 2018-2020, investments would be made in “Reconstruction Plan and Project of Wufen Station of Suantau Sugar Refinery”.
Inventory and Major repair of Steam and Diesel Locomotives In the period pf 2018-2019, the Administration Office organized the “Appearance Restoration Project for Highlighted Machines and Tools in the Sugar Industry” and handled the repair of steam trains and alcohol fuel traction machine.
Training for Driving and Maintenance Techniques for Internal Combustion and Steam Locomotives
  • In 2018, we organized the “training for driving and maintenance techniques for internal combustion engine train”. 
  • In 2019, we organized “training for driving and maintenance techniques for steam engine train”. 
Cooperating with the Policy to Conduct the Survey of North-South Line of the Sugar Railway  Starting from 2018, we cooperated with Ministry of Culture and participated in the Symposium and Forum on “Preservation and Activation of South-North Preparation Line”.
Promoting the Project of Reappearance of the Sugar Railway Story in the Sugary Refinery
  •  International Forum on Sugar Railways and Locomotives
  • The project of Reappearance of the Sugar Railway Story in Xihu Sugary Refinery

Repair of Japanese Style Houses

      In the period of 2017-2020, TSC cooperates with cultural units of the government for the application of “Regeneration Project of Industrial Cultural Assets” and “Management and Maintenance Subsidy Plan for Cultural Assets Preservation” to plan repair and reutilization. Currently the ongoing projects are “Restoration and Reutilization of Old Clinics and Barbershops in Huwei Sugar Refinery”, “Restoration and Reutilization of the office and Employee Dormitory of Ensuiko Sugar Refining Co., Ltd. in Xingying Sugar Refinery”, Restoration and Reutilization of the Factory Director’s Dormitory in Hualien Sugar Refinery”, and “Restoration and Reutilization of the Labs in Annei Sugar Factory”.

Promotion and Marketing of Sugar Industry

      Sugar Culture Festival was held in December 2018 (in Suantou Sugar Refinery in Chiayi and Huwei Sugar Refinery in Yunlin). On December 7, the International Forum on Sugar Railways and Locomotives was held, with the themes of “Inheritance, Operations and Marketing Strategies of Domestic and Foreign Railways”. Director of Musée des transports de Pithiviers, Narrow-gauge railway preserver from Japan, High-level executives of Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway (W&LLR) and domestic railway experts were invited as the keynote speakers, and railway operators, related railway associations, enthusiasts caring about this topic, teachers and students of cultural assets related departments in college and universities and related personnel of TSC were all invited to participate in this forum. 

      The Taiwan & British Railway Culture Exchange and Carnival was held between December 8 and 9 in 2018, and TSC signed MOU of Sister-Railway Alliance Cooperation with Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway (W&LLR). Celebration of Production was held at Huwei Sugar Refinery on December 15-16 in 2018.

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