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Circular Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

Land Management Status

      As of 2018, the land area of TSC’s existing land resources reached 49,894.53 hectares (excluding 126.52 hectares of land overseas). In accordance with the concept of business development and sustainable development of land resources, TSC continues to cooperate with the governments’ land resource requirements based on the public policies, and conducts the planning, coordination and integration of the land resources as well as the overall management of the land based on the plans of each business unit. The resource allocation also meets the optimal economic scale of each unit as a basis for future development planning and further to create a niche for sustainable management.

Industry Promotion Project

      To promote the activation and utilization of long-term idle or low-utilization land, the Company plans preferential measures based on the idle period, area and contract period of the land, providing rent or royalties reduction of up to five years to help potential investment owners reduce costs of renting land without bearing heavy burden of land purchase, enabling their funds to be focused on investment and production in the core business so that business management can be stabilized and job opportunities can be provided, creating a win-win and economic prosperity.   

      The project started from October 1, 2017, and the duration of the project was tentatively set for two years. It will be re-examined when it expires or when necessary. As of December in 2018, there were 25 cases of land lease, with a total area of about 3.12 hectares and the total amount rental concession of NTD 19.70 million; there were 9 cases of provision for establishment of superficies, with a total area of 7.11 hectares and the total concession amount of NTD 48.05 million. With this project, we have implemented “Land Use Right” and promoted a land use mechanism with the central idea of “focusing on the core business culture”, assisting the government in solving the demands for industrial land while achieving the purpose of sustainable cycle use of land resources.

Land Development Project of the Commercial Area of the Quanyuan Section

      As the changes in industrial structure and business strategical transformation, Taichung Sugar Refinery stopped sugar production in 1990. To activate the commercial activities and living functions of the East District, Taichung City Government organized the “Land Development of TSC Sugar Refinery Section by means of Zone Expropriation” together with the relocation and construction project of the Jianguo Market, with the total development area of 22.25 hectares, including 8.88 hectares of land for the commercial area and 13.37 hectares of land for public facilities. Upon completion of the development, TSC will reclaim approximately 7.7 hectares of commercial land, and open tender and a profit distribution mechanism will be applied, adopting reasonable and flexible way of collecting rent and royalties. Corporate investments are introduced to attract investment in constructing commercial buildings, large department stores and shopping malls or exhibition halls. In addition to the income of rents and royalties, it also reduces the burden of land price tax and management and maintenance expenses. In addition, through the introduction of commercial activities, the company’s land development value around the area would also increase. 

Development of Cishan Sugar Park

      To work with the MOEA’s Forward-Looking Infrastructure Development Program, the Company has a 3-phase development project of the Cishan Sugar Park from 2018 to 2020, and the initial estimated amount of investment is about NTD 317 million. It is hoped to cooperate with the city government in the area planning, cadaster sorting, change of original land use control regulations and development of infrastructure facilities to activate the land of closed plant and increase the company’s revenues from sustainable management of corporate assets. In addition, the “innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship” base and a cross-industry alliance platform is set up to respond to local needs, providing land for agricultural processing, combining agriculture and green technology, increasing production value and promoting safe agricultural breeding sites, making it the gateway and transfer service center connecting the mountain communities in 9 Districts that not only improves the sightseeing quality in Cishan District, but also optimizes the company’s image and thrive local economy. 

Cooperation with Local Government for Joint Development of an Industrial Park

      To promote industrial and economic development and to accelerate a high-value industrial transformation, county and city governments request TSC to provide land within the project area for development, aiming at creating an investment environment with both production and service functions to meet the needs of land for local industrial plants. Currently, we have selected three sites, including Tanzi Juxing in Taichung, Renwu in Kaohsiung, and Liu-Kui-Cuo in Pingtung County for the joint development with local government, with a total area of 87.35 hectares. The county and city governments are responsible for the planning. In the future, TSC will provide the industrial land retrieved for development and utilization in an “only for rent, not for sale” manner, which not only reduces the plant building costs of the manufacturers but also enables the cycle use of the land.

Location Development period Current Status 
Tanzi Juxing Industrial Park in Taichung City 2012-2020 The city government has obtained the permission to set up the industrial park, and the joint development calculation, land value, land value-added tax and the equity value of both parties were submitted to the Board of Directors meeting in March, 2019 for approval. At present, both parties are confirming the contents of the development agreement.   
Renwu Industrial Park in Kaohsiung 2017-2022 The city government is in the process of reviewing the development plan and environmental impact statement review. TSC is handling the value evaluation of land and superficies and will continue to discuss issues related to land releasing and development. 
Liu-Kui-Cuo Industrial Park in Pingtung County 2016-2020 This development plan was approved by the district committee after review and revision. The county government has sent a revised development plan to the Ministry of the Interior and calculations of the development and construction costs, the land value, the retrieved industrial land based on the proportion of invested value and so one has been submitted to the board of director and conditional approval has been passed. At present the basic design drawings, development and construction costs and detailed budget as well as the content of the agreement concerning the amount of compensation provided by the county government are being reviewed.   

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