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Improving Service Quality

Enhancing Marketing Communication Technology

       TSC is still not good enough to serve consumers in terms of marketing in the era of Internet and smartphones whichhave been developed rapidly and have become mainstream media. Trends and scale of online shopping continue to grow. Online marketing is a direction whichTSC needs to work hard for. In the future, physicaland virtual channels will be gradually integrated. The technology will be used to expand the scope of marketing channels. In addition to the domestic market, it also actively expands overseas markets and builds an interactive model to make it easier to communicate with consumers. Through market surveys or online information feedback, we can understand the needs and complaints of consumers. In addition to immediate responses, we can provide products that meet the needs of customers at the same time. Due to the popularity of mobile devices, new consumer habits and the layout of channels have emerged. To cater to consumer demand, the Company is actively working towards big data applications and O2O marketing.

Customer Satisfaction

       TSC has promulgated Customer Complaints Handling Guidelines to provide a transparent and effective consumer complaints procedure and deal with consumer and customer complaints in a fair and prompt manner. In addition, “Customer Opinion Management System” was established to gather customer feedback. The feedback would be dealt with quickly and statistics and analysis could be conducted through the internal network as a reference for all units as reference for operations and improvement. At the same time, we set up various communication channels such as TSC Fan Page, Customer Service Line (0800-026-168), and online customer service mailbox (tsc01@taisugar.com.tw). In addition, the designated person will answer the questions for customers and respond to suggestions and customer complaints.
       In order to grasp customer inquiry information and provide better services so as to continuously improve service quality, enhance customer satisfaction and company reputation so as to improve company business performance and good corporate image, TSC has set targets for customer satisfaction in all units according to the business characteristics, and the "Customer Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire" has been set up to conduct customer satisfaction surveys at leastonce a year for the implementation of relevant business operations. The results of the survey are also reviewed and analyzed and improvement measures are formulated by relevant units. In cooperation with State Enterprise Commission,MOEA, TSC has entrusted an impartial third party to conduct the “Customer Satisfaction Surveys”. Surveys for general customers are divided into telephone interview (hypermarkets and oil products) and face-to-face interviews (hypermarkets, health supermarkets, Million Convenience Stores and gas stations) while telephone interviews are for large and medium-sized customers. Telephone interviews for large and medium-sized customers, face-to-face interviews for general customers, andtelephone interviews for general customers are scored using a4-point Likert scale (satisfaction score= percentage of “very satisfied” + percentage of “satisfied”). A 10-point scale is used for gas stations (face-to-face interviews) (satisfaction score = average score*10). The score for customer satisfaction survey in for improvement.2017 was 96.45 points and the results of the survey and recommendations were submitted to TSC as a reference.

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