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Financial Performance and Credit Rating

       In 2017, with the joint efforts of all units and all employees, the total revenue reached NTD 36.701 billion, which was 1.14% lower than 2016; the total expenditure was NTD 31.163 billion, 0.55% lower than 2016; the net profit was NTD 5.538 billion, which was 4.33% lower than 2016; the dividend was NTD 5.637 billion, which was 9.09% lower than 2016; the earnings per share was NTD 0.98, which was 4.85% lower than 2016. This was mainly caused by the decrease in gross profit of sugar and construction by NTD 1.410 billion. There was no significant fluctuation in non-operating income.

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Credit Rating

      TSC was affirmed long-term "twAA-" short-term "twA-1+" ratings by Taiwan Ratings, outlook stable. As for the risk assessment, its rating among Taiwanese debtors in operational status is "satisfactory", and the rating among Taiwanese debtors in financial constitution is rated as "extremely robust".

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