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Application of Information Technolog

Smart Pig Farming

      TSC will adopt the modern smart pig farming model by introducing the Internet of Things (IoT) and software to lead the upgrade of both the software and hardware of the domestic pig farming industry. It is expected to save manpower in the pig farms and at the same time increase the efficiency of pig production. In addition, the determination of three-stage traits of sows can be automatically learned by the use of artificial intelligence that can be developed into big data as an expert system in the future, which can be used by the private sector to comprehensively enhance the pig farming industry in Taiwan into a high-tech industry. The functions of such system include the followings. TSC introduced the smart management system into one pig farm in March, 2019 for test and demonstration, and full introduction would be evaluated depending on the performance evaluation.
The “RFID ear tag positioning and transferring management system”: 

      The sows are attached with RFID tags once entering the farm, and whenever they are moved from the house for mating, the house for pregnant sows or the farrowing house, the handheld or fixed reader installed by the door can read the signals on the ear tag and the pig positioning and transferring management is completed.

Informationization of Orchid Nursery

      To reduce the shortcomings and elimination rates of existing orchid variety to improve the success rate of test varieties, the Company proposes to combine the IoT, big data analysis and cloud computing to construct a production and marketing system to grasp market trends.

      With the application of IoT technology, biological data including the selection, mating, cultivation and growing processes and also the environmental control data can be collected for the simulation test to predict the breeding results. The application of big data is to introduce the production and marketing data in the database of the business intelligence analysis of production and marketing system; the Canadian auction market information data are imported into the analysis system and through the application of cloud computing, various calculations and market trend analysis can be done. 

Item Results of Current Implementation Expected Benefits
Application of IoT After several meetings with three breading companies and after assisting the information system manufacturer to understand the on-site breeding process, a testing breeding system version 1.0 was completed in September, 2018, and testing of such system started.  To develop a commercial interest-oriented breeding system and a fair and objective testing environment to produce products meeting the demands of clients at all stages of the Phalaenopsis production chain, enhancing the company’s image and the sustainable management of the entire Phalaenopsis industry chain.
Application of Big Data The big data analysis of the concentration of de-flasking of Phalaenopsis seedling has been designed in the business intelligence analysis of production and marketing system that are available online and accessible to all departments in the Business Division. The online education training was also conducted on November 19 in 2018. Centralized management of the seedlings in the seedling de-flaskiing field is conducted and the analysis of production data in the business intelligence analysis of production and marketing system is introduced to check the ordering and blacklisted breeds and to detect growth differences between different breeds, reducing the incidence of ineffective seedlings (not wanted by customers), production costs while improving production efficiency. 
Application of Cloud Computing  Information of Canadian auction market has been imported into the analysis system for computing to get the information of the mainstream flower colors, suitable flower markets on traditional holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day and Christmas, and timing for sales and distribution. At the same time, the sales information of the Canadian auction market has also been shared with Taiwan Orchid Growers Association so that the industry is informed of the latest status of the Phalaenopsis market in North America.  It helps our Canadian branch with the stocking volume for sales, the proportion of patterns and colors and even precision prediction of the flowering time, which not only maximizes the profits but also significantly reduces the inventory, secondary flowers, detonation (early flowering or full bloom). In the future, with the imported information of the California Branch, we can understand the competition situation in the overseas Phalaenopsis market in the U. S. and Canada for early planning for the direction of future breeding and production.

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