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NGO/NPO Settlement Park

      The establishment of an NGO/NPO Park enables the Company to serve its supporting role as a medium or platform between the government and NGO groups, assisting the government and the NGO groups to have mutually beneficial development. Currently, an NGO Settlement is being developed in Ciaotou Sugar Factory. In 2018, the five-terraced Japanese style dormitory applied for the cultural assets repair fee from Ministry of Culture. In 2019~2022, we will continue to apply for the cultural assets repair fee for the renovation of relevant cultural housing for the development of suitable NGO groups to enter and to be stationed here. This 1.15-hectare land development will be completed in 2019-2022.

      TSC NGO Forum Ciaotou was held on March 7, 2018 for the exchanges and sharing of the experience of NGO settlement development at home and abroad and future trends through multi-dimensional dialogue and interaction. Analysis of the industrial characteristics of the Ciaotou
Sugar Factory was made from the perspectives of culture, environmental protection, leisure and tourism to have in-depth discussions with social groups and local industries for the exploration of opportunities and method of cooperation. Our Kaohsiung Branch has signed a contract with A_mi Artist Communities in Pingtung on October 19, and the operations for the second NGO group to station in this settlement were completed.

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