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Health Certification

TSC promotes the "health business" as its business strategy and vision, focuses on health-oriented core technologies and products and continues to strengthen related research and development innovations. We uphold the idea of "Enjoy TSC and Enjoy Good Health" to develop mainstream potential products and customized products. In addition, we strengthen the operation of the six-grade industry, to establish professional and high-quality brand image of TSC products. As for biotechnology and health products, currently we have 10 products including Fructooligo-saccharide, the Health Angel to Vitality, Fermented Mycelia of Cordycepssp Vegetarian, Choice Fish Oil, Anka Capsules, Clam Essene (which obtained two health efficacy certification of liver protection and anti-fatigue), fructooligosaccharide and lactic acid bacteria, Clam & Oyster formula tablet, Sugar Care and Calcium care powder, and these10 product items have obtained 11 health food certifications. In addition,Stanlen Top Cream Concentrate, Stanlen ALL IN ONE Concentrate and Oyster and Clam Essence won the Symbol of National Quality (SNQ).

Product Liability

       In addition to traceability management, quality control and auditing for customers' health and safety, we provide product liability insurance at the same time. Products produced by TSC are covered by product liability insurance and are voluntarily labeled as "This product has been covered by product liability insurance" in accordance with Article 13 of the "Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation". The responsibility for self-administration of the food products manufactured by the food industry is implemented and the liability is shared in the event of food hygiene and safety incidents. Consumers are provided with more substantial protection for food consumption behavior and reassurance. In 2017, there were no violation of product liability insurance claims.

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