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Agricultural Land Leases and Counseling

Value-added Service of Agricultural Land Leases

      TSC transforms the land tenants into partners, providing tenants with more services such as information of production technology, marketing and channel characteristics and assisting them in solving the problems they face, upgrading farmland leasing business into a full range of services. Through online communities and face-to-face interviews, we increase opportunities with young farmers to understand the difficulties they face and their needs and also exchange information concerning agricultural policies, technologies and experiences so as to help them effectively solve practical problems which will enhance their recognition of and cooperation with our company. Moreover, training courses on specific themes guided by experts in the Academy of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry are also offered to help young farmers acquire relevant knowledge quickly and systematically.

Young Farmers Marketing Counseling and Channel Services

      Taiwan’s agricultural population is aging and the population is decreasing gradually, especially in agricultural towns and townships in Hualien area. Therefore, the government announced various policies and measures and provided resources and trainings to encourage young people to be engaged in agriculture. To make proper use of the company resources, fulfill its social responsibility and to exert its influence on agriculture, TSC expands the service targets from TSC land tenants to farmers in the whole Hualien, aiming at adding diverse contents of service in the Tourism Sugar Factory through the various expansion of young farmers’ farming businesses while at the same time assisting in the development of local agriculture that would further encourage young people to return to their hometown. 

Reducing the Rent

      TSC cooperated with the government’s Priority Programs of Investing Taiwan and reduced the rent to lower the land use costs for industries, schools, social welfare and medical purposes. In 2018, the rental income was reduced by NTD 409 million.

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