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Energy Managemen

Statistics of Energy Consumption

      In 2018, the energy consumption within the organization was 7,085,880.23 GJ, and the energy intensity was 0.24 GJ/NTD 1,000. Compared with 2017, the total energy consumption of 2018 increased by 36.40%. The energy intensity in 2018 was an increase of 0.50% compared with 2017. This is mainly because that the efficiency of Gangshan and Kanting Reuse Incineration Plants increased, leading to increasing amount of solid waste treatment and therefore the energy intensity is increased.

Water Resources Management

      In order to properly use water resources, TSC is committed to the enhancement of water management and wastewater recycling. In addition to introducing new technologies that have been successfully applied at home and abroad, TSC also actively promotes the recycling and reuse of wastewater to reduce the impact of wastewater discharge on the environment, and we also continue to improve the effectiveness of water conservation to reduce the consumption of water resources. In 2018, the amount of water consumption was 15,214,333 m3, a 11.56% decrease compared with 2017, and the water intensity decreased by 5.56% compared with the previous year mainly because the rainfall in Yunlin, Chiayi and Tainan areas increased by 961.30 mm, leading to the decrease in the use of underground waterbody for irrigation. In addition, the reduced production of hogs in Livestock                Business also led to the decrease of underground water use. The recycling rate of wastewater was 88.13%, which was a minor difference of 0.04% lower than that in 2017, and the waste for production process did not have significant impact on the water sources.

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