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Special Report 2 Pig Breeding 3.0- Dong Hai Feng Green Pig Farm

       In recent years, due to the emergence of international issues of GHG reduction and water resources shortage, coupled with the government’s policy goal of actively developing green energy, biogas utilization has become the focus of attention. The central ministries and local governments are gearing up for biogas utilization development, which can not only solve the existing problem of environmental pollution but also serve as an alternative to ease off the difficulty of energy shortage rapidly, making it more likely to implement the concept of circular economy in agriculture. 

TSC’step-by-step promotion of pig farming with green energy

       To work in line with the government’s policy goal of green energy development and circular economy, TSC set up a dedicated organization in charge of the promotion of biogas utilization through the development of diverse energy industry.After a preliminary assessment of the test results from the comparison between the single source of pig excrement and the co-digestion of pig excrement mixed with other agricultural waste, it was found that the biogas production can be increased through co-digestion. This approach can also help with the treatment of nearby agricultural waste, which not only improves the resource circulation of organic matters but also provides great help with regional waste disposal.
       TSC has set a plan for improvement, and started the improvement and installation of the biogas recovery facilities in its 18 pig farms to turn biogas to green energy. The biogas residues are made into organic fertilizers while the biogas slurry is recovered and purified for reuse in the farms, reaching the goal for circular economy. To take into account the economic benefits and the development of circular economy, TSC will improve the equipment and management model of the livestock farms and the quality of wastewaterof pig excrement to increase biogas production.Specific planning and measures are as follows.
1.Short-term goals:It is planned topromote thenegative pressure ventilation and water curtain in the piggeries, biogas power generation, solar PV power and other environmentally friendly design in Dong-Hai-ngGe hog farm in Pingtung County to work in line with the circular economy concept the government is promoting and to set an example in the livestock farming industry.
2. Medium-term goals:In addition to reduce the use of water resources, the waste problem in the livestock farm is also significantly improved. generated Through the fermentation process of the high concentrated medium temperature anaerobic tank, the biogas generated can be used for combustion and combustion power generation, and the power generated can be combined into the on-grid system of Taiwan Power Company to supply electricity to other regions while increasing operational benefits, making the livestock farm an energy-based biogas center implementing circular economy and green energy development.
3. Long-term goals:In the future, it is aimed to develop circulation of agricultural resources and promote industrial transformation to create a new low-carbon and low energy consumption industry, reaching a circular economy of zero-pollution, zero-waste and zero-emission and assisting livestock industry in Taiwan to conduct pig farmer training and set green energy standards for biogas.

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