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Special Report 3 Shalun Circular Residence

pecial Report 3 Shalun Circular Residence

       The building and construction industry accounts for 30% of the GHG emission from the raw material production, manufacturing processing and operation, it is the main consumer of the world’s raw materials. Due to its large scale of investment in raw materials, great benefits can be achieved if circular economy is introduced to facilitate industrial transformation in this industry.

Creating innovative industries with circular thinking

       To cooperate with the Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City Policy of the Executive Yuan, the Company has planned the “Shalun Circular Residence Development Project” in a Taiwan High Speed Rail designated area to develop the environment in an eco-friendly manner to build a smart green energy circular residential park with 300 households. In order to make the planning of the project more complete, discussions in different aspects were made through the forum. The valuable opinions and ideas from different fields are organized into the following four major aspects.
  1. The circular residential development project should incorporate relevant design concepts of “Sustainability of the earth and health of human being”.
  2. To establish a database of building materials, equipment and consumables through BIM (including useful life and functions). 
  3. In the future, when the Company is engaged in the development of the planning and design of Shalun Area, the whole Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City can be put into consideration and a piece of land should be reserved for the development of regional facilities.
  4. Cross-industry teams can bring more flexible design ideas.

Brand-new business model led by TSC

Circular economy is the development strategy the government is actively promoting for its “five plus two” innovative industries plan. It is also a brand-new business development model that replaces the concept of ownership with the rightto use that combines with the new green and sustainable thinking to promote industrial innovation and transformation. 
    In addition to the considerations of general green building, smart buildings and other common design methods, TSC’s Shalun Circular Residence Development Projectalso planned concepts such as “building material bank”, “circulating system” , “disassembling of building materials for reuse”, “application of BIM” and “innovative business model”, aiming at becoming the first collective housing to introduce the concept of circular economy and to replace the traditional concept of “to sell for profits” in the traditional construction market with the “rent-to own” concept in circular economy that operates and manages the rental housing on its own. This project is not only the concrete practice of circular construction but also the starting point of the domestic circular residential environment. The conclusions from idea exchanges in the forum can help TSC to promote the project with innovation and fashion.

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