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Environmental Management and Investment

       TSC recognizes that environmental protection is an important issue that all human beings should work together to tackle at the moment. We are willing to uphold the concepts of clean production, materials conservation, resource recycling and pollution prevention. By establishing an autonomous environmental management environment, we continue to improve our environmental performance to achieve the goal of sustainable management. The points in the investment and improvement in terms of environmental protection are not only the source management, waste reduction in the process and pollution prevention, end-of-pipe treatment is also an indispensable part. The investment in pollution prevention and improvement equipment has slight impact on production cost, but it is the corporate social responsibility to comply with the requirements of the latest environmental laws and regulations to reduce the pollution on the envirnment to the minimum.We believe that at the same time of business growth, we must take the same ecological oconsiderations to take the responsibility of environmental protection for the ecology system on earth.
       In accordance with the National Environmental Education Act promoted by the National Environmental Education Guidelines, TSC requires its employees to receive at least four hours of environmental education and training every year to enable all the employees to implement environmental protection from the perceptions, values and attitude to enhance their environmental ethics and responsibilities, thereby safeguard eco-environmental balance, respect life and promote social justice so as to foster environmental citizens and environmental learning communities in attempt to practice energy conservation based on the “ethical concept of being environmentally friendly”, reduce ecological and carbon footprint of the living environment, helping the employees to move toward a sustainable lifestyle in order to achieve environmental sustainability. Except forsome administrative penalties due to some violation of the Air Pollution Control Act and Water Pollution Control Act by some business divisions, there were no major violations of environmental laws and regulations in 2017.
       To fulfill our social responsibility for the environment, TSC has invested funds for environmental protection related work. In 2017, the environmental protection expenses amounted to NTD 766,105 thousand, regular expenses reached NTD574,448 thousand, and the capital expenditure was about NTD191,657thousand.

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