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Air Pollution Prevention

      The actual test results of the concentration of air pollutants over the years all met the emission standards stipulated by EPA. The NOx emission intensity in 2018 increased by 48.91% compared with 2017 while the SOx emission intensity increased by 37.50% compared with 2017 because that after the equipment maintenance in Gangshan and Kanting Refuse Incineration Plants, the efficiency of the incineration improved, and the waste treatment volume, air pollutant emissions and also the revenues all increased, leading to the situation in which the company’s overall revenue reduced while the emission intensity increased. The air pollution control situation is as follows, and all the emission concentration met the standards.

Control measures Description
Odor Control Measures for Pig Feeding Areas ♦ Add eco-friendly deodorant formula into pig feed.
♦ Set up black nets and aromatic spraying equipment around the site.  
♦ Plant aromatic trees to create the Eucalyptus green belt around the site.  
♦ Use bio-deodorants for dispersal or add biological deodorants concentration into the drinking water to improve the ecology and hygiene of the farm.
♦ Maintain water circulation in the defecation and urine ditch to prevent the accumulation of feces.  
Control of odor at the slag storage site (compost) ♦ Movable canvas is used to seal the field area. 
♦ Biological deodorant is spread.
Prevention of odor in wastewater treatment plant ♦ Set up black nets and aromatic spraying equipment around the site.
♦ Use movable canvas to seal solid-liquid separation equipment.
♦ Plan to seal the facultative pool of the wastewater treatment equipment with red mud plastic sheet to collect biogas for reuse and for biogas power generation, and also for odor reduction.
Enhancement of good neighborly relations ♦ Provide more job opportunities by hiring more local residents as the labor contractors to prosper the economy of the communities.  
♦ Communicate more frequently with local leaders and actively participate in community activities.

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