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Product Carbon Footprint

       Huwei and Shanhua Sugar Refineries produce its own Golden Brown Sugar, which has been verified by SGS and issued a carbon footprint verification statement.The carbon footprint verification statement for Golden Brown Sugar produced at Huwei and Shanhua Sugar Refineries has been valid for 2 years since August 1, 2012. The manufacturing process of Huwei and Shanhua Sugar Refineries has not been changed and relevant verification has not been continued. At present, the data on the carbon footprint of various sugar products of TSC published on Taiwan Product Carbon Footprint and Coefficient Database of the Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan is based on the data of the aforementioned statement.Refined White Sugar, Golden Brown Sugar, Fine Granulated Sugar and Refined Liquid Sugar produced at Xiaogang Refinery, Sugar Business Division have been confirmed by SGS on the basis of life cycle assessment data and verified based on ISO 14064-3:2006 and complied with ISO/TS14064:2013 to obtain a carbon footprint verification statement, which is valid for two years starting from December 25, 2017.The Sugar Business Division will then update on the Taiwan Product Carbon Footprint and Coefficient Database. We actively promote the establishment of carbon footprints and carbon labeling for refined soybean oil products.The carbon footprint verification statement of the cooking oil produced in Xiaogang Factory verified by SGS is valid for two years from December20, 2015. Carbon footprint labeling issued by EPA is valid from November25, 2015 to November 24, 2018.

       TSC meat products have fully utilized the whole pig, including 175 parts and the product can be customized. It facilitates the application for Carbon Label and Carbon Reduction Label by upstream and downstream industries to enhance the brand advantage of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and contribute to green marketing. Currently, Carbon Footprint Verification at various stages such as feeds, pig raising and meat products have beencommissioned to Carbon Footprint Labeling certification bodies. In 2017, we applied for Carbon Footprint Labeling certification to EPA. We are expected to obtain certification in 2018 as the basis of applying for Carbon Label in the future. We promote the development of green livestock husbandry, encourage consumers to properly use TSC meat products, achieve sustainable consumption and production patterns for low-carbon economy and jointly develop a “low-carbon diet” culture.

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