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Cooperation with National Policies

Reducing the Rent
       TSC cooperated with the government’s Priority Programs of Investing Taiwan and reduced the rent to lower the land use cost for industries, schools, social welfare and medical purposes. In 2017, the rental income was reduced by NTD 405 million. 

Cooperation with the Government in Stabilizing Prices

1. In 2017, TSC cooperated with the government in stabilizing the hog price by providing 14,000 hogs to regulate the hog market.
2. To work in line with the government policy of stabilizing prices, large-packed salad oil maintained the lowest market price and the retail priceof small-packed salad oil (less than 3 liters) had not increased since December 31, 2010.
3. To stay in line with the government policy of stabilizing prices, the price of small-packaged sugar had not increased since September 16, 2010 and the retail price had remained at NTD36/kg. Later, between 2013 and 2016, international sugar prices were taken into consideration for the adjustment of suggested retail price three times at NTD 34, 33 and 35 per kg. In the second half of 2015, the international sugar futures market continued to rise in its price. As of July, 2016, the increase had reached 49.73% over the same period of the previous year, and the price of domestic large-packaged sugar also increased by 27.63%. On July 5, 2016, TSC adjusted the remaining rising costs were absorbed by TSC). In 2017, the trend of sugar prices was relatively stable, and the retail price of the small-packaged sugar remains unchanged at NTD 36/kg.  

Taking Care of Sugarcane Farmers

       To cooperate with the government in taking care of sugarcane farmers, TSC ensures the price of NT24,878dollars/ton to purchase sugarcane sugar and to fulfill its task of stabilizing the supply and demand of the domestic sugar market, and also subsidizes for the transportation charges of the raw material of sugarcanes, the cane garden fire insurance fees, the purchase of bait and theeggs of corcyracephalonica (stainton) as the materials to feed Chrysopidae to function as a pest control. In addition, TSC also provides low interest-rate loans with a monthly interest rate of 0.25% (simple interest method) to assist sugarcane farmers in financing for funds needed in the production process, stabilizing the economy in the rural areas.

Parity Areas

       During Typhoon season, the Hypermarket Business Division sets up a Parity Area for the supply of affordable vegetables in its five hypermarkets and four TSC Health Supermarkets, providing vegetables of imported cabbage, onions, radish, rhizomes, mushrooms, imported broccoli, and western celery. In addition, there is POP advertisement in the store to promote Parity Area, combined with the online media promotion for Tuesday, Vegetable Day marketing event in the E-DM, FB Fanpage and on TFC’s official website to increase the exposure so that the consumers can know and make use of it. Furthermore, to take care of the disadvantaged families, those with mental/physical disability cards get a 10% off on fresh produce. 

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