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Occupational Safety and Health

All-round Development

       The training of employees is based on the long-term development of the Company and the promotion and activation of the development of talents. TSC pays attention to all-round learning of employees, provides employees with diverse and innovative training channels, implements life-long education and creates learning-oriented organizations. The Company has formulated the “ TSC Education and Training Operation Guidelines", which includes common overall training, self-training for each unit, the training for second expertise and job placement, external training, on-the-job training, knowledge sharing activities and digital learning courses to train professionals to meet the Company’s business needs.
       In order to strengthen the training of all levels of supervisors, employees' professional knowledge, skills and second expertise and cooperate with the needs of business development and human resources development, the Company provides diverse and comprehensive training resources and learning environment as well as a solid and stable education and training system for employees to grow and learn more efficiently so as to create a valuable and competitive corporate brand. In 2017, the number of trainees totaled 3,556 people, with a total of 156,872 hours and the total training expenditure was NTD 40,166,891. In order to promote a multi-disciplinary learning channel and enhance training effectiveness, the Company has opened the blended course of a digital course and physical course. In 2017, it organized 4 courses, including “New Employee Camp”, “New Employee Workshop”, “Middle-level Manager Training Course” and “Primary Supervisor Training Course”. In addition, different digital courses are designated according to the trainees.

Awards and Achievements

       In order to encourage employees to actively enhance various professional abilities and implement talent cultivation, we assist employees in obtaining professional licenses so that each employee can have a number of specialties and certification. In addition to actively training employees to obtain relevant licenses, we also provide incentives. We offered a subsidy of NTD 152 for license fees. To meet the needs for the growth and development of employees, assist the growth of enterprises and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, we encourage employees to use spare time or office hours for on-the-job training and provide the subsidy for tuition for master's programs or above in order to enhance the quality of employees. There were 48 applications with the subsidy of NTD 630,000 in 2017. We encourage employees to actively study foreign languages, provide tuition subsidies for foreign language studies and subsidies for the registration fee to those who attend a foreign language examination. In 2017, there were 18 applications with a subsidy of NTD 110,000.

Human Rights Education and Training

       In order to strengthen and implement human rights, regular human rights-related courses are held, including the implementation of gender mainstreaming, sexual harassment prevention and control, the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and seminars or courses related to gender equality, labor laws and Labor Standards Act. There were 2,124 participants in 2017. The total number of training hours was 5,698 hours, accounting for 59.7% of the total number of employees (3,556).

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