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Special Report

Preventive Measures against African Swine Fever

      African Swine Fever (ASF) is caused by African swine fever virus, a known DNA arbovirus, which can survive in chilled pork for 100 days, in frozen pork for 1,000 days, at hog farms for one month, and in stool at room temperature for 11 days. Currently, there is no drug available for treatment or for vaccine application. The industry chain will be dramatically impacted if the ASF epidemic is introduced into Taiwan, and the estimated output loss reaching NTD 200 billion. The outbreak of the epidemic will cause long-term negative impact on the Company’s reputation, the society and the organizational business model of TSC. On the contrary, the proper prevention of the epidemic will be a positive contribution to the sustainable development of this industry.

      TSC has already set up an Emergency Biosafety Prevention and Control Group. The pig farm is equipped with a practicing veterinarian who participates in relevant training every year to enrich knowledge of epidemic prevention. To prevent ASF, the biosafety protection level of each pig farm has been increased. Emergency meetings of the Biosafety Prevention and Control Group was held and the resolution decided relevant task grouping. Biosafety and Epidemic Prevention Team was established for the discussion of the implementation of epidemic prevention and disease control measures to help prevent the occurrence of major malignant animal infectious diseases in all the livestock farms of TSC. In terms of the pig farm management, the president had signed the approval of the Practices of Reward and Punishment for ASF Prevention. A checklist of self-defending epidemic prevention work is set up, and check items of biosafety and epidemic prevention work are filled out every day. The pig farm counselor meeting is held weekly, the pig farm directors meet regularly every month for the monthly meeting, and the biosafety and epidemic prevention group meeting is held every quarter to fully grasp the current operation condition of the pig farms.

      The Company actively participates in the meetings with the central ministries and local countries and cities for ASF epidemic prevention, discussions concerning epidemic prevention and control and simulation drills for the follow-up treatment of the outbreak of the disease are all conducted. TSC fully cooperates with and publicize the government’s advanced deployment of epidemic blocking and control measures to prevent ASF from being introduced into Taiwan. TSC makes epidemic prevention posters and posts relevant epidemic prevention measures on its official website and Fanpage. Epidemic prevention posters and DMs provided by Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine are also forwarded to TSC’s various bases and external pig farming related industries and groups to urge the public to cooperate with the government’s epidemic prevention measures.

      In addition, the Company actively contacts the neighboring private pig farms to carry out epidemic prevention, advocate crisis awareness, support relevant epidemic prevention materials, assist in the traffic flow planning, and establish a mechanism for mutual notification of an epidemic, aiming at expanding the epidemic prevention area from point to point, collecting epidemic information for instant grasp of the surrounding information and making immediate report of the epidemic situation, striving for the improvement of the regional joint prevention work.

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