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TSC’s Corporate Social Responsibility in Response to the New Coronavirus

     The outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus) was first reported in China in December 2019, and the pandemic spread worldwide, causing huge impacts on domestic industries and global economy. TSC cooperates with the government in making advance deployment of various precautions to effectively prevent the pandemic, such as increasing alcohol production and providing economic relief measures. To bring the spirit of helping the hunger and drowning, we not only expanded our alcohol production line within the shortest time possible but also started the implementation of relief schemes such as rent deferral and rent reduction to work together with our fellow countrymen to go through the pandemic together.

Production and distribution of anti-pandemic alcohol

      In view of the social panic caused by the spread of pandemic and shortage of alcohol supply in the face of increasing demands, TSC staff has started working overtime to increase the capacity of 95% alcohol in 500 c.c. glass bottles with the daily production of 8,600 bottles since February 3. We also produce 60,000 packs of Alcoholic Tissues (portable package tissues) and outsource the production of 75% of anti-pandemic alcohol and market these products to major distribution channels domestically for the timely provision of materials needed for pandemic prevention.

Relief schemes of land rent deferral and rend reduction

     In response to the possible impact on the lessees’ income of COVID-19 during the pandemic period, relief schemes are provided in accordance with the “Rent relief measures to tenants of state-owned enterprises under MOEA affected by severe pneumonia with novel pathogens” to provide bail-out programs to reduce the burden of enterprises and to fight against this pandemic together with our tenants (see the table below for the bail-out plans).
      by the chairman, and all units were instructed to take relevant supporting and corresponding measures to prevent the spread of the pandemic while minimizing the impact of the pandemic on the business of the company. “Taiwan Sugar Corporation’s Response Plan for COVID-19 Pandemic Prevention” was also formulated in the meeting.

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Establishment of the Epidemic Prevention Response Team

      In response to the needs for the prevention of the severe pneumonia with novel pathogens, TSC set up an epidemic prevention response team convened by the president. Each unit also set up an emergency response team to take anti-epidemic measures and cooperate with government authorities in the formulation of anti-epidemic measures, impact assessment and response, purchase of protective facilities and equipment, supervision and auditing of implementation effectiveness, implementation of educational training and publicity, keeping up with the latest epidemic prevention information and reviewing the countermeasures for epidemic prevention so that the company can keep on its operations.

Establishment of the epidemic report system

      Once our employees, their dependents and labor personnel in the factory area are infected with COVID-19 (coronavirus) or are notified of home isolation, home quarantine or independent health management, the notification process is as follows.

Relevant epidemic prevention measures

Adoption of a single main entrance/exit

Implement access control and adopt a single main entrance/exit. Body temperature is taken at the entrance, and once the temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees Celsius, the person will be asked to leave to see a doctor.

Planning of offsite work/ division of different working areas

To avoid the risk of cross-infection caused by staff gathering in the office, two parties are required to wear masks and maintain social distancing throughout the process when contacting with colleagues. Meanwhile, the frequency of meetings is also reduced and replaced by video conferences instead.

Prepare 75% alcohol in place in every workplace

We strengthen the cleaning of the environment and send dedicated personnel or outsourced cleaners to wipe the surface of frequently contacted items (such as door handles, switch panels, desktops and so on) with alcohol or diluted bleach, and the office space and floor is also regularly disinfected.

Transmission of epidemic prevention information

We send out messages and information concerning epidemic prevention through various line groups and emails, and at least one advocacy message is sent out weekly to inform our employees the latest epidemic situation, new anti-epidemic messages and government announcements.

      With the rampant pandemic of new coronavirus, TSC will continue to review and revise the anti-epidemic contents and plans in accordance with the epidemic prevention measures announced by the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) and actively implement anti-epidemic measures to avoid the spread of COVID-19. All TSC business units will also face the pandemic carefully and have a close grasp of the trends and changes of the pandemic so as to adjust the company’s corresponding measures accordingly to pragmatically face the challenge of this epidemic and actively implement various projects to open new resources of income and cut expenses to reduce the losses caused by the pandemic and open up new business opportunities.

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