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Organic Fertilizer (reuse of biogas residue)

      As the government continues to promote agricultural policies of organic agriculture, eco-friendly farming and arable land reclamation, it is predicted that organic fertilizers will not meet market demands in the next five years. Therefore, through diversified adjustment of material elements, the purchase of motorized fertilizer turner machines and process improvements, the capacity of the company’s organic fertilizers can be increased. 
      Meanwhile, in response to the prevention of ASF, it is prohibited to use food waste as a food source for pigs. Also to assist the environmental protection unit of the government in handling the food waste and reuse it to make organic fertilizer, TSC’s three organic fertilizer farms in Huwei, Xinying and Shanhua have applied for the re-use inspection to the environmental protection authority of the local government. Once obtaining the reuse permit for kitchen waste materials, the company will complete the establishment of the demonstration farm of kitchen waste organic fertilizer by 2019, and relevant government units can encourage the civil reuse organizations and compost manufacturers to assist in the reuse of kitchen waste in the demonstration of kitchen waste organic fertilizer production.

      It is estimated that the annual capacity of Huwei, Xinying and Shanhua Fertilizer Farms can be increased to 6,000 tons. To cooperate with the establishment of Dong Hai Feng Livestock Farm and the existing livestock house remodeling plan, an organic fertilizer field will be set up, which is estimated to provide approximately 3,000 tons of biogas residues, and priority is given to the manufacturing of organic fertilizer from the biogas residues which will be provided to the Company’s farmland tenants and the Maguang Organic Group Cultivation Farm in Huwei, Yunlin.
      In addition, to add value to domestic waste for reuse, we actively cooperate with Tainan City Government in the evaluation of the feasibility of reusing kitchen waste, aiming at reaching the goals of local circulation and carbon reduction. TSC had an agreement with the Environmental Protection Government of Tainan City for the “Trial Project of Recycling Part of Kitchen Waste in Tainan Area for the Reuse in the Food Waste Compost in Shanhua Organic Fertilizer Farm”, and according to the Agricultural Research and Extension Station in Tainan District, the content of organic matter in soil increased by 3.46% after improvement. As of 2018, TSC received 210 tons of raw kitchen waste, 26 tons of cooked kitchen waste provided by Tainan Environmental Protection Bureau. The first batch of kitchen waste compost completed its fermentation and decomposition at the end of February 2019, and the rest will be completed in turn from March, 2019, and the composition analysis and crop test will be carried out by the end of June when all the kitchen waste compost completes its decomposition.

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