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Feed Enzymes

Feed Enzymes

      Professional, high-quality, safe, and healthy enzyme products are developed by using the advantages of the Company’s existing fermentation technology. In the initial stage, it is planned to develop compound enzyme for feed to supplement the digestive enzymes in the feed, eliminating the anti-nutritional factors in the feed, improving the food efficiency of the feed of the hogs of the company so as to reduce the excrement and carbon emission, achieving environmental protection and prevention of swine diseases at the same time.

      The plan for enzyme products focuses on the domestic promotion between 2019 and 2021, and in 2022, we will operate in line with the government’s Southbound Policy and expand our overseas markets. The overall revenue target for 2023 is expected to reach NTD 300 million.

Time Period Investment Plan Content
2018-2019 Establishment a strain screening and activity testing platform  Screen appropriate hosts for enzyme production and construct the host nutation-enhancing techniques to produce various enzyme catalysts needed for the circular economy.  
2018-2021 Establishment of mass production process of enzyme Establish proper mass production process of enzyme fermentation and make use of it for the R&D of corresponding dosage and mass production process.
2019-2021 Establishment of a plant for mass production of enzyme   Plan to set up plant for the mass production of enzyme, set up a production line in line with relevant regulations and policies of competent authorities.
2020-2022 Introduction of international enzyme development technology  Introduce international development techniques of enzyme from internationally known manufactures to strengthen the international competitiveness of enzyme products through strategic cooperation. 
2020-2022 Recruitment of strategic partners  Evaluate and invite cooperation with companies and R&D units at home and abroad to cooperate and invest in the enzyme company. 

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