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Oyster Shell Biomass Material Plant

      To implement the industrial policy of a circular economy country, it is planned to build a biological material plant that recycles oyster shells for manufacturing. The recycled oyster shells are calcined into calcium carbonate raw material or milled into powder to convert the shells into valuable biomass materials that supply the calcium carbonate for self-use in our livestock farms and farms and to serve as the calcium carbonate sources for domestic feed and fertilizer manufacturing to replace the use of imported raw materials. Currently it is planned to build the first-phase calcium carbonate biological material plant with certification of feed, fertilizer and building materials in Dalin, Chiayi, aiming to process about 49,500 tons of oyster shells annually (producing 40,000 tons of calcium carbonate raw materials). The construction of the plant is expected to be completed by the end of 2019, and the trial run, obtaining of Usage License and commercial operation are scheduled between January and May in 2020.
      The Oyster Shell Biological Material Plant not only recycles oyster shells for the production of calcium carbonate but also has the functions of maintaining the ecological environment, reducing energy consumption, stimulating local economy and increasing local employment opportunities. In the future, it is planned to construct the second-phase oyster shell factory that will work with the oyster shell providers to recycle oyster shells in hygienic processes to step into the field of food, beauty and skin care products and medicine to enhance its added-value and innovate the material industry. 

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