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Safe Operating Environment

Equipment Safety Management

      TSC classifies risks based on the contents of the equipment and operating conditions, formulates the procedures of equipment safety management and plans a plant maintenance and service system based on critical levels. Detailed inspections are planned for dangerous equipment to ensure safe operation of the equipment. During the use of dangerous equipment, automatic inspections, key inspections, operating inspections shall be carried out according to laws. In addition, regular inspections shall be carried out by labor inspection agencies within the statutory period. For hazardous gas and chemical supply systems, toxic gas monitoring systems, process exhaust gas treatment systems, there are regular inspections and maintenance procedures in place. In the area of equipment, safety management methods are proposed in response to the safety needs of people, incidents, places and objects and they are controlled by standard operating procedures.

Emergency Response Management

      Taiwan Sugar Corporation has formulated internal control like “Fire Safety Equipment Inspection, Maintenance and Report Guidelines" to make sure that all fire equipment pass the regular inspections and can be used at any time. Each unit has developed the “Fire Protection Plan”. Moreover, the employees are organized into teams for fire protection and trainings for disaster prevention and contingency are provided (including reporting, fire extinguishing, evacuation guiding, safe protection and rescue courses). Earthquake countermeasures, fire prevention during construction, emergency contact hotlines and evacuation routes have also been planned. Taiwan Sugar Corporation has also developed various types of emergency contingency plans for various situations and established an emergency report system. The earthquake prevention and disaster relief drills of various units promoted the earthquake disaster prevention education, which helped all employees establish the correct earthquake-proof concept and develop the emergency evacuation and response capabilities at the early stage of the earthquake so as to achieve the purpose of earthquake prevention for employees. In 2018, we cooperated with the National Disaster Prevention Day to organize earthquake disaster prevention education and emergency evacuation drills. We organized 50 sessions in total and 3,402 participants attended the training and drills.

Industrial Safety Training and Promotion

      To deal with the transformation of the business and the retirement, resignation and turnover of personnel, the Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection would carry out the investigation of training needs of the general staff. TSC has developed the annual training program to ensure the industrial safety of the laborers based on the "Occupational Safety and Health Education and Training Rules". Besides, to increase the knowledge and management ability of the persons in charge of workplaces in occupational safety and health, letters are sent to the persons in charge who have not yet received the training to require them to participate in the “Occupational Safety and Health Training” they need. Before the newly employed or transferred personnel commence their work, each unit must provide training to them based on the nature of their business and work requirements and keep records of the training for review. In 2018, a total of 8 sessions of occupational safety and health-related education and training were conducted and 555 people were trained.

Guidance and Inspection of Industrial Safety

       In order to implement the management of industrial safety and strengthen the inspection of industrial safety, the annual" Industrial Safety Inspection Plan" is established according to the nature of business. The unsafe equipment, unsafe environment and behaviors are identified in advance through an active and effective management mechanism of industrial safety inspection and are tracked until they are truly improved to effectively prevent disasters from happening. Items to be improved are proposed and tracked until they are improved to ensure the safety of factory sites, business sites and workplaces and prevent disasters from happening so as to improve occupational safety and health management performance. In addition, through the walking management of high-level executives, senior executives at all levels will be sent to each unit for guidance and inspections from time to time.

Excellent Occupational Safety

      In 2018, Taiwan Sugar Research Institute won the "2017 Disaster-free Working Hours Record Diamond Award" with the recording time of 10,090,160 hours from May 1, 2006 to December 31, 2017; Jianshanpi Jiangnan Resort under the Leisure Business Division was awarded the “Occupational Safety and Health Unit Award in 2017” by the Labor Affairs Bureau of Tainan City Government.

Sustainable Occupational Safety and Health Family

      To maximize the effect of the plan to solidify the occupational safety and health program locally, Taiwan Sugar Corporation established the “Sustainable Occupational Safety and Health Family” to effectively improve the workplace environment and enhance the labor safety and health. The Environmental Protection Business Operation Center plays the core leading role to improve the performance of all the corporate family members through collective trainings, mutual safety inspection, disaster case studies or simulated emergency contingency exercises and provides advice to other manufacturers through factory on-site counseling. The family currently consists of 21 businesses covering the industries of environmental protection business, mechanical (electrical) servicing, steel, high-tech and solar power. In 2018, the Company held its own occupational safety and health training to provide free training for family members. There were 7 sessions with 126 participants.

Zero Disaster Training

      In order to reach the goal of zero disaster through education and training to deepen the employees’ safety awareness in the workplace, we have worked on the organization of training for “foreseeable risk training for zero disaster” and “traffic safety propaganda campaign”, leading our employees to master hazard identification before the work to take early measures and prevent any possible occupational accidents. In 2018, 18 units continued to organize training for “foreseeable risk training for zero disaster” with 1,582 participants, and the performance was included into the annual assessment to encourage all units to implement the training.

Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection Month

       To promote employees’ awareness of industrial safety and environmental protection, prevent incidents of occupational hazards and pollution, promote employee safety and health, protect the environment and show good will, the “Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection Month”  was introduced in November 2018 to promote content in environmental protection, mainly including green embellishment for the area, disaster prevention, earthquake and safety as well as environmental protection education. We also carry out safety training, promote various advocacy activities, implement contractors’ occupational safety management and audit, implement the 5s activity in the factory area, implement occupational safety audit and inspection, disaster prevention and rescue and various emergency response drills, implement the management of the licenses of dangerous machinery and equipment and its operators and carry out the industrial waste reduction, recycling of waste and waste sorting.     
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