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      TSC products must comply with local regulations and customer requirements, including Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation, Health Food Control Act, Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, Food Administration Act, Organic Agricultural Product and Organic Agricultural Processed Product Certification Management Regulations. In 2018, there were no violations of product health and safety, service information and labeling, marketing communications and voluntary codes.
       Pork is the main source of meat for people in Taiwan. In addition to providing safe and hygienic meat, TSC also adjusts the pig population to regulate the supply and demands in the market to stabilize pork prices. There was no major violation against environmental regulations in 2018 (Note). Besides, to effective improve water and air pollution problems, TSC has allocated NTD 10.74 for the renovation of our 16 livestock farms into modern livestock houses, and the Academy of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry was also established to provide relevant technology to domestic farmers. TSC will play the leading role in modern pig raising to effectively promote the upgrade of the livestock industry.
      To fulfill our social responsibility for the environment, TSC has invested funds for environmental protection related work. In 2018, the environmental protection expenses amounted to NTD 1,030,127 thousand, regular expenses reached NTD 627,627 thousand, and the capital expenditure was about NTD 402,500 thousand. There was no serious violation of environmental regulations in 2018.

Note: The definition of major violation against environmental regulations is as prescribed in Item 26, Article 4 of the Taipei Exchange Procedures for Verification and Disclosure of Material Information of Companies with TPEx Listed Securities, “Occurrence of a disaster, group, protest, strike, environmental pollution event, or any other material event, leading to any of the following situations where the company incurs a materials loss, where a relevant authority orders suspension of work, suspension of business, termination of business or revokes or voids a permit related to the pollution, and where administrative fines cumulatively reach NTD 1 million or more for a single event.

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