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Gas Stations and Million Convenience Stores

Warm Neighborly Programs at Gas Stations

      There are a large number of dispersed gas stations in communities, making them suitable for serving as the bases for emotional exchanges and community cohesion. Through cooperation with environmental services of the Environmental Protection Bureau, private recycling industries and community resource recycling stations, activities of recycle or reuse of second-hand goods are held to reach the circular economy goals of zero-waste, zero-pollution and making the best of things. In addition, based on the local characteristics and needs, these bases can also be used as bike stations, temporary space for kids after class or venues for farmers’ market. In addition, assistance can also be provided to the disadvantaged groups and lonely elders in the communities so that they can obtain immediate help and TSC can also establish a great corporate image while developing community development.

Neighborly Activity Implementation Results
Love fuel card As of the end of December, 2018, the number of participants was 627,446 people, and the 240,634,198 points donated can be converted to NTD 2,406,342, benefiting 4,813 households.
Warm point collecting card in town Since the implementation of this program in 2017, we have cooperated with 77 village and town offices (Community Development Associations), and as of the end of December, 2018, a total of 254,091 participated in this program, with as many as 99,325,729 points being converted into NTD 993,257 or equivalent to over NTD one million, benefiting a total of 1,987 households.
Bike stations At the Fengde Station and Dajin Station, about 60 cyclists make use of the bike stations on weekdays, and 180 on weekends.  
New resource recycling stations It is expected to hold 3 community workshops per year and 2 annual non-scheduled exhibits. Every year, there will be at least 4 pieces of reproduction or creation works. 
Nanzhou Rest Station  The number of people parking cars at the station is about 500 on weekdays and 1,000 on holidays. 
Exhibit of special aboriginal agricultural products in Huadong Area It is expected to attract about 50 visitors on weekdays and 150 on weekends and holidays. 

Community Services of Million Convenience Stores

      TSC Million thinks of its own positioning and how to provide products and services that meet the needs of local residents based on its existing basis, strengthening its reaction with consumers and its service quality, providing various community information and a service platform to boost sales with services and to conduct transformation.  

Direction for transformation Content of Plan
Community service Set up love service stations in schools and provide home delivery service, long-term care service referral platform, repair service and community information platform, masters’ seminars, and resource recycling service. 
Commodity improvement Introduce agricultural and fishery products from local farmers, establish a green commodity zone, enrich merchandise display, set up a halal certified food zone and an organic agricultural product zone. 
Environment and equipment Make changes to the traffic flow and display in the store, set up a rest area for coffee, increase the seats in the rest area and provide free books on the bookshelves, and reuse circular economy resources in the century long sugar industry.  

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