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Cooperation with Communities

      In the heyday of sugar production in the past, Taiwan Sugar Corporation was an important economic pillar of the community. Today, although the sugar manufacturing industry has declined, the farmland leasing and regional land development enable the sugar factories to be closely related with the lives of residents in the communities. Therefore, our bases around Taiwan would cooperate with communities on holidays or festivals or on an irregular basis to hold activities, or spontaneous activities will also be organized to care for the disadvantaged groups in the communities, clean the community environment and jointly market the communities. 

Community Care and Activities

Time Activities
before Dragon Boat Festival We prepared ingredients for 600 rice dumplings at our hypermarkets and taught community residents how to make rice dumplings. About 1/3 of the finished products were brought home by residents, and 2/3 of them were donated and the heads of the subdivisions of the districts would distribute these rice dumplings to the disadvantaged families. 
before the Moon Festival The hypermarkets would prepare ingredients for 150 moon cakes and residents and members were invited to join the moon cake making process. The hypermarkets would help bake and package the moon cakes, and participants could bring moon cake home, and the remaining two-thirds were donated and the heads of the subdivisions of the districts would distribute these rice dumplings to the disadvantaged families. 
Occasionally The hypermarkets would set up a Mother Cow Classroom to establish knowledge about products and improve parent-child relationships through various teaching activities and tasting events.
every summer vacation Children’s In-line Skating Competition will be held in the hypermarket to promote proper leisure activities, teach children about fair competition and also enhance parent-child and family relationships.
in peacetime The Sunshine Stage of Sugar Mall in Rende is provides to the communities, colleges and universities and public welfare groups to hold activities for free.  
every month At the plaza outside the Pingtung Hypermarket, the space is provided to public welfare groups registered in Pingtung and to the public to set up vendor’s stalls on the third Saturday every month.  
in peacetime Our Xitun Hypermarket provides free space, water and electricity for the office for neighborhood watch and pavilion for neighborhood watch, establishing close and good interaction with local residents.    
May 6, 2018  Xihu Sugar Factory held the “Happy Childhood” event and invited 300 children from disadvantaged families and neighboring schools to take the sugar train, taste ice pops, have a tour in the sugar factory, feed the carps and visit the prairie.   
February 4, 2018 We organized a blood donation activity with Ciaotou District Office in front of the District Office and encouraged our employees to join this event of “Donation of Blood, Extension of Love”. The Employee Welfare Committee specially provided TSC Essence of Clam to those joining the event of blood donation.   
July 28, 2018 We cooperated with Ciaotou District Office and organized the “Fathers’ Day Commendation Conference” in the Ciaotou Culture Creative Area to promote traditional filial piety and family ethics.    
August 1~3, 2018 The “Crystal Sugar Summer Camp” was held in Shanhua Sugar Refinery with Shanhua District Office, and through the guided tours, group activities, and hand-made classes, children learned more about sugar.  
August 18, 2018 We invited Shanhua District Office to hold “Happy Cultural Experience of Sugar Industry” for children from disadvantaged families to encourage businesses and the public to care for the local communities together.  
September 22, 2018 We held a caring activity of “Spread Love with Flying Happiness” in TSC Wushulin Recreation Park and also invited as well as cooperated with Wushu Community Development Association, Wulin Community Development Association, Sunny Day Workshop of Labor Affairs Bureau of Tainan City Government to serve children in orphanages, disadvantaged families, elders living alone, and elders in the communities to take the sugar train, visit the railway museum, have a tour in the earthquake experience hall and enjoy the magic show. 
October 16, 2018 We held a neighborly activity of “History of Sugar Industry and Safety Propaganda of Fire and Electricity” in Yuemei Tourism Sugar Factory. Simple meals are provided, and participants can take the small train around the factory, take a tour in the sugar making workshop and the factory to experience the culture of sugar industry and enjoy the fun of a different life.
November 28, 2018 We organized a social care event of “Sending Warmth in Winter” and gave out TSC’s organic rice to Catholic Non-profit Tsz-Ai Education and Nursing Institute in Changhua and Changhua County Private Christian Joy Nursery to bring health and warmth to the children with physical and mental disabilities.  
December 13, 2018 A“Community Year-end Care Musical Banquet” was held at the square of Daitienkung in Xinying Area of Tainan City, and professional singers and local bands were invited for performance. Participants were given TSC Fresh Meat Products to pass on love.    

Cleaning the Environment in the Communities

Time Activities
Occasionally Our hypermarkets would hold un-scheduled cleaning activities in the neighborhood to maintain a beautiful living environment together.
in peacetime Sugar Mall manages and maintains approximately 4.36 hectares of public facilities in the surrounding and provides free space for nearby residents to exercise or take a walk in the morning.   
February 6, 2018 Our employees in Taichung Area cleaned the environment in the communities with volunteers in the borough of Dachu to cooperate for the National Cleaning Week.
February 4, 2018 Our employees in Kaohsiung cooperated with Ciaotou District Office’s Promotion Plan of National Cleaning Week. Through the demonstration of cleaning the office and surrounding environment, we led local residents to participate in the cleaning activity to improve the quality of environment and life.    
October 6, 2018 The “Loving the Earth, Cleaning the Mountains for Environmental Protection” charity event was held and participated by TSC employees to enhance their awareness of environmental protection, train them to have a healthy body, and to engage our employees and their families to join in this meaningful welfare activity effectively. There were 240 participants in total.  
February 6, 2018 Our employees in Pingtung Area worked with Pingtung City Office, TSC Hypermarket in Pingtung and the residents in the borough of Yixin to clean the surrounding environment of Yonganzhen community during the National Cleaning Week.

Community Marketing

Time Activities
February 13 to 20, 2018 We co-organized the New Year Lantern Festival and Market Activity with Pingtung City Office on Taitang Street.
August 15, 2018 We organized Hualien Sugar Factory Food and Agriculture Education Primary School, and combined community resources in the planning of activities, including the local smallholders’ fruit picking experience, kiln-baking pizza DIY food, nostalgic toys DIY experiences and so on.  
September 8-9, 2018 We co-organized with the Ciaotou District Office the featured activity of “the Imagination and Impression of Ciaotou” in 2018 to improve local cultural life and to promote local tourism to boost local economy and indirectly attract visitors to visit stores in Ciaotou District, which has become a driving force for businesses to develop into a more sophisticated and higher value industry.

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