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Controlling the Quality for Food Safety

      The relevant laboratories of Sugar Business Division, Biotechnology Business Division and Animal Industry Business Division have been certified by the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) and have internationally recognized testing and analyzing capabilities for specific test items. In terms of quality control, the costs of the laboratory under Sugar Business Division accounts for 0.99% of the revenue, Biotechnology Division accounts for approximately 7.30% of revenue and Animal Industry Business Division accounts for approximately 0.12% of revenue. For the items the laboratory is unable to test, the external third-party impartial laboratories (such as SGS) have been commissioned to assist in inspections to eliminate potential risks. Starting from the source management of food safety, we have achieved the goal of “Buy it safe, eat it safe, be healthy, trust TSC” to ensure food safety for consumers.

Quality Control

      In 2018, TSC has conducted 3 classes for quality management education and training, with 112 participants in total. TSC regularly holds quality control meetings or product quality meetings from time to time to discuss quality control issues and related improvement measures. Each business division has a "Quality Control Plan" every year. The business plans for quality policy, quality objectives, product realization, production management and customer service are used as the basis for implementation of quality control by each business division. Performance is reviewed on a quarterly basis. At the end of the year, the implementation results of quality control plans are reported. In addition, the Taiwan Sugar Headquarters randomly checks the execution status of quality control activities.

Product Compliance

      To enable consumers to feel confident about the purchase of TSC products and services, TSC has disclosed the necessary information for each product and service it provides, detailed information regarding various raw materials, ingredients, expiry dates, country of origin, storage conditions and instructions for use is listed on each product produced and on the packaging and description label of the product, so that consumers can understand the ingredients, sources and methods of safe use. In addition, consumer service hotlines are provided for questions and answers. All products and services that we provide to consumers comply with the relevant laws and regulations in their labeling and description. In addition, we also actively introduce Food Safety Management System and certification.

Traceability Management of Foods

      To enable people to eat healthy and safe food, TSC is obliged to keep records of food related data as a state-owned enterprise. In order to ensure the quality and brand value of TSC products, TSC has established its own “Food Safety Traceability Management System”. Information on self-made foods, raw materials for OEM and ODM foods, additives, suppliers, etc., was established. The production information and inspection reports for each batch of products are uploaded to the system. In addition, we set up “Food OEM Inspection Team” and promulgated regulations such as “Rewards and Punishments for Poor Food Quality Recommendations for Improvement” and “Strengthening Supply Chain and Product Label Management” in order to strengthen the traceability management of various foods, prevent adulteration and protect consumers' rights and interests, achieving the goal of "TSC Produced, Safety Guaranteed".
       All of TSC food products are included in our own Food Safety Traceability Management System. The system not only reveals all the food information for TSC employees to check and compare, the food inspection report is also disclosed on the TSC’s official website, allowing consumers to check online. We further integrate the Company's product flow tracking mechanism of "sales and inventory system". In the future, we would combine the dual functions of product raw material traceability and product flow tracking to fulfill the goal of "TSC Produced, Safety Guaranteed".

      In addition to our own Food Safety Traceability Management System (FT), TSC has joined the "TQF-ICT Service Platform" and "Food Traceability Management Information System" to establish a food safety protection network and enhance the safety and quality of TCS products for consumers.

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