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Sustainable Development Strategy

Taiwan Sugar Corporation (TSC) has incorporated the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and circular economy concepts as part of its "Sustainable Corporate Development Strategy":
1. Evolve the Linear Economy strategy towards the Circular Economy:

Ensure all aspects of resources would have room to create value under the Circular Economy principle for the economic system of continual recycle and reuse. TSC has engaged in systematic planning from the source of the industrial value chain to emphasize "utilization" instead of "ownership" in order to achieve the objective of "zero waste" and continuous use of resources, to redesign products and service models, and to create new business models.
2. Evolve the environmental strategy from sustainability towards circularity:

Maintain the availability and value of products and raw materials, turn waste into resources, and construct an industrial recycling park to achieve sustainable circulation via sharing and cooperation.
3. Transform the social responsibility strategy from a "Public Welfare" orientation into an "Affectionate Care" orientation:

In addition to operational performance, state-owned enterprises must also play the role of following policy, stabilizing the people's livelihoods and promoting a prosperous economy. TSC's core operation items emphasize "social interest" as its business objective and "public benefit" as its benefit.

It has collaborated with government policies to stabilize prices and economic developments, and responded to social needs to create a win-win situation. The objective of TSC is to combine the "people, businesses, and stories" on this land to make them more intimate and affectionate!

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