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Key Focus

Corporate Governance

Transparent and honest corporate governance is the basis for sustainable business development. TSC has continued to optimize the functions of its Board of Directors. It uses the expertise of its corporate directors to set the directions of the Board of Directors meetings and decisions, fully implement corporate governance practices, and define the procedures and quality of decision-making deliberations.
TSC has actively implemented corporate governance, strengthened risk management, established good faith policies and principles, disclosed the company's core business information to stakeholders, demonstrated the determination of its good faith management, and become the epitome of good business operations.
>Functions of the Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is the highest governing body of the company, which is followed by the Land Resources Committee and the Operational Investments Committee which can exercise independent authority separately form the Audit Committee.

The Chairman is the chairperson of the Shareholders Meetings and the Board of Directors Meetings. The Chairman's subordinates include the President and the Vice President. The President upholds the resolutions of the Board of Directors and provides comprehensive management of the company's businesses, and the various Vice Presidents provide work assistance to the President.

In principle, a Board of Directors meeting shall be convened once a month. The Board of Directors of our company comprises 15 directors (including 3 independent directors.)

Quality Commitment

Services First. Customer Priority. Pursuit of Innovation. Quality Assurance.
TSC's quality policy spirit is based on the service satisfaction levels of its customers, and uses the e-ization spirit to provide comprehensive choices to them as well. Its goal is to continue innovation, satisfy customers with value-added services, and provide outstanding peace of mind quality to its consumers.

Occupational Safety and Health

Corporate operations focus on performance and social responsibility as a priority, and emphasize the physical and mental health of employees by providing safe and comfortable working environments. TSC has continued to improve the scientific and technological means of preemptive prevention, law and regulatory compliance, autonomous management system construction, and follow-up tracking. TSC has also constructed a safe culture to eliminate occupational accidents, safeguard labor safety and health, achieve the goal of zero injury, and thereby improve corporate performance and sustainable management.

Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is a task that the whole world is currently working together to achieve. TSC has adhered to the ISO14001 Environmental Management──pollution prevention, legal compliance, as well as full staff participation and a spirit of continuous improvement by investing into green life and environmental protection operations; and has progressed towards sustainable corporate development in an economically sound and environmentally friendly manner.

TSC has implemented source management, process reduction, and waste control as well as autonomous, comprehensive, and sustained environmental system management to effectively reduce pollutant production and adverse effects on the environment. In recent years, TSC has strongly incorporated the circular economy and green manufacturing process concepts. IT has strengthened inventory and resource integration based on the clean production and material conservation principles to recycle resources efficiently and significantly reduce resource waste and environmental impacts. The goal is to achieve the zero waste, low energy consumption, and environmentally friendly targets.

Social Participation & Public Welfare

TSC has continuously committed to social participation by actively holding public welfare events, and collaborated with national policies to activate its land resources in a diversified manner by turning them into critical bases for the development of the high-tech industry in Taiwan.

TSC has endeavored to promote local prosperity, as well as land development via cooperation, to create a "win-win" situation for these local areas and their residents. It is one of the driving forces for Taiwan's economic progress.

Employee Benefits

TSC has a sound, comprehensive, and heartwarming employee benefit system. TSC attaches great importance to employee salary and benefit management in order to provide a sound and sustainable platform, encourage the company's labor and employer sides to recognize their common goals, and achieve joint development for the company and its employees. Detailed measures are executed in terms of retirement, pension, continual education, recreation, etc. The employees are viewed by the company as a big family, and the company believes that employees can provide the best contributions to TSC under a mutually assistive, endearing, and sincere working environment.
Human resources is the core value of sustainable management and competitive advantage for TSC; and employee selection, cultivation, and incentives are the most critical topics for it. To improve job performance and make good use of human resources, TSC has formulated a comprehensive personnel management and employee welfare system to intimately synchronize the human resources development with TSC's development.

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