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It all starts from a sound, swallow, or dab of lotion. 
These moments make us aware of every step we have traveled, and you will always be the closest to reach them. 
This lets us know that everything we do and think is our commitment. 
A commitment to everyone's health and beauty, and to their life. 
"Bringing the path to a healthy and beautiful life" is TSC Biotechnology's guiding purpose
Since it was founded in 2003, TSC Biotechnology has constantly been making connections with people. 
Starting from people's smallest needs, we have created products aimed at different ages, different stages of life, and different states of health. 
Thanks to our careful listening and observation, our brand has become a favorite among consumers. 
We are TSC Biotechnology, a trusted, leading biotech brand dedicated to restoring and preserving people's health. 
Taiwan Sugar Corporation (TSC) got its start in a sugarcane plantation. From its humble beginnings refining sugar, TSC accumulated a century of practical and technological experience. The establishment of TSC Biotechnology is both TSC's response to contemporary society and the sum total of its far-seeing outlook, technical expertise, and century of experience. 
This 4.8-hectare park in Chiayi where TSC Biotechnology is located has now become one of the busiest biotech hubs in Taiwan and even in East Asia. 
"From the very beginning, we have wanted to ascend to the top of the industry" has been TSC Biotechnology's basic outlook from the time it was founded. 
From the time the first material supply trucks of the day arrive to the time the last truck leaves, all processes are subject to the highest ISO, foodstuffs TQF, and cosmetics GMP quality requirements. 
TSC Biotechnology encompasses the two fields of dietary supplements and beauty and cosmetic products. Our more than 150 professionals specializing in various fields are busy working in R&D, QA, and production, and shipping our products around the world. 
R&D-TSC Biotech's alchemists  
Our R&D personnel specialize in a broad range of fields. 
We have many years of R&D experience under our belts, and we possess expertise in fermentation, biotransformation, and extraction technology, as well as the removal of unpleasant odors from seafood. 
Both in the areas of foods and cosmetics, we have reached a very high grade and positioning. We ensure that loyal TSC customers and all consumers can obtain the finest possible products. 
They are TSC Biotech's alchemists, and they are able to develop products meeting today's needs through elaborate processes involving complex raw materials and processing technologies. They are also skilled at incorporating local materials and unique technologies into popular products developed and manufactured in Taiwan. 
QA-Guardian deities of safety
Another group of individuals spends their time on the front line maintaining safety. Patiently waiting, in rapt concentration, they scrutinize the tiniest details with eyes like an eagle and alertness like a cheetah. 
They are the guardian deities of safety.
For a long time, TSC has focused its greatest attention on the safety of raw materials. 
And in our production processes, we place the greatest emphasis on each process, and whether GMP requirements are met. 
Our overall QA at TSC is based on a combination of ISO9001, ISO22000, and TQF requirements. 
Our QA operations meet high specifications, we have obtained TAF (Taiwan Accreditation Foundation) ISO/IEC 17025 certification, and possess comprehensive testing equipment and hardware and software testing capabilities. 
Raw materials, semi-finished products, and the final finished product must pass through multiple control stages, and we rigorously monitor quality checkpoints, ensuring that only safe products go out into the world. 
As a result, our entire manufacturing process is transparent, and it is easy to query information such as date of manufacture and use-by-date, as well as other quality information and safety inspection reports in our system.
TSC Biotechnology has established a comprehensive product tracking system.
Beyond safety, we are dedicated to ensuring consumers' peace of mind when they use our products, and take great pride in this commitment. 
Production-Masters of the arts of efficiency and quality 
We place great emphasis on quality and product safety. 
Another important aspect is that we are always striving to increase our production speed—This is one of the duties of every TSC employee. 
With production line adjustments, we can ensure that the products we have developed can go into production rapidly, which will reduce time to market. 
TSC Biotech's advanced production facility integrates smart manufacturing with advanced equipment and processes, and has seven production lines responsible for fermentation, extraction and concentration, biotransformation, bottle filling, drying, packaging, and beauty care products. 
Fermentation system 
We rely on 200-liter, 2-ton, and 20-ton fermentation lines to expand fermentation processes to the mass production level. 
Our culture medium is produced from natural materials, and provides the nutrients needed for the fermentation process. 
All of these lines are equipped with online monitoring systems for bacterial count, pH level, oxygen saturation, and internal pressure. Our fermentation system can be operated in batch, fed-batch, and continuous culture modes.
For recovery following fermentation, a plate filter or high-speed centrifuge is used to separate and recover solids and liquids in order to increase product purity.
Extraction system 
For extraction from natural plants and herbs, different extractants such as steam, hot water and solvents are used to extract essential oils and active ingredients. 
We utilize a vacuum concentrator and distillation system for solvent recovery, which lowers costs. 
Micro-membrane filters are used to further purify active components extracted from animal substances. 
Biotransformation system 
In the biotransformation of fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS), sucrose is transformed into FOS using an enzyme. In the process, cleaning, sterilization and filtering systems ensure sugar purity. 
Bottle filling system 
The functional beverage bottling line performs precise blending of the ingredients based on carefully-calculated formulations. 
Bottle after bottle go through automated cleaning, filling, and capping. After initial sampling and testing of commercial sterilization and quality control.
After sterilization, we rely on inspection of foreign substance and a vacuum inspection machine to confirm that vacuum levels meet standards. The next step consists of external packaging tasks such as labeling and loading in boxes.
Drying system
The spray drying system is used to dry heat-insensitive materials.
It can remove up to 250 liters of water each hour.
A Freeze drying system is used to dry heat-sensitive materials, and can maintain the highest product quality.
Packaging systems
TSC Biotechnology possesses a variety of packaging lines for various products.
Granulation and tableting
We follow TQF procedures and all processes are carried out in a class 100,000 clean environment.  The system includes a fluidized bed, wet granulator, pelleting machine, tableting machine, and dressing coating machine, etc.
Our granulation and tableting system meets various customer requirements.
Capsule Packaging
We rely on an automatic capsule filling machine, auto double layer packing machine, and PTP sealing machine to ensure the fast OEM service. 
Liquid filling
Our fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) products are packaged using automatic, high performance filling equipment offering stability and high capacity. 
The cane sugar solution filling line is TSC Biotech's newest production system. 
We have developed a fully-automated large-scale filling line in accordance with the characteristics of cane sugar solution. 
The outstanding, stable filling quality has found favor with all our commercial customers. 
Cosmetics manufacturing system 
Our cosmetics manufacturing system was established in accordance with GMP requirements. 
Raw materials such as RO water, self-produced collagen, and placenta extract, are first refined through a micron-membrane filter and purifier. 
We use a molecular digester to perform decomposition and extraction, followed by ultramicro filtration providing further purification. 
We use vacuum emulsification and homogenization machines to blend and produce products in the form of liquids, creams, and oils. 
We use our everyday cosmetics blending system to produce cleansing products. 
Sterilization of bottles begins after finished products have passed inspection, and bottling is performed using automated equipment. 
We rely on different scales of production and various raw material types to produce a wide range of products able to meet the needs of branded firms and customizing OEM customers. 
Over the years, TSC Biotechnology has established a brand image of health, trust, and professionalism. 
Our many product items revolve around health and beauty, and exist to protect consumers. In addition, many products have obtained national-level health food certification. 
These include fructo-oligosaccharide and fructo-oligosaccharide/lactic acid bacteria that can effectively improve gastrointestinal function; Choice Fish Oil and Red Yeast Rice capsules are able to regulate blood lipid function; The Health Angel to Vitality able to regulate immune function; Sugar Care controlling blood glucose levels; Gai Gu Li to ease bone loss; Oyster Clam Formula Tablet able to protect the liver; and Essence of Clam with dual liver protection and fatigue fighting certification. 
As far as our beauty care products are concerned, our Recovery Serum and Repair Conditioning Bee Cream have received the national quality mark. 
TSC Biotech's products provide national-level quality, and can meet everyone's longing for a beautiful life, from inside to outside. 
In the near future, we hope to take advantage of all our strengths, including our brand name and OEM production capabilities, to satisfy every customer, become a dependable partner. 
We are looking far ahead to a beautiful future, and hope to integrate the capabilities of all of TSC's business units. 
By using every part of the pig, farm product, orchid, and sugarcane, TSC Biotechnology hopes to create a bio-refining park, and establish a new blueprint for community, city, and national industrial development. 
Technological cooperation and industrial/academic collaboration are the key driving forces of TSC Biotech's R&D. 
Thanks to ceaseless study, interchange, and cooperation, we are constantly absorbing new thinking, new technologies, and new ideas. 
And TSC Biotech's R&D center is continuously tapping the boundless possibilities of innovation. 
Looking ahead to a sustainable future, we see oyster shell processing plants as an all-new trend. 
We hope to create a zero-waste, zero-pollution industry transforming waste oyster shells into raw materials. 
We want to improve people's quality of life, revitalize the local economy, and use the power of technology to jointly strive for a brighter future. 
If life had a taste, what flavor would it be? 
We believe that it is the flavor of health.
Since the founding of TSC Biotech, we have always believed in the power of biotechnology. 
Our mission is to build the forward-looking industries of the future in line with national strategies. 
Our vision is to maintain our contribution to Taiwan's economy and social development, and we take pride in winning our customers' trust. 
TSC Biotech: healthy and beautiful‧

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