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Corporate introduction Video of Taiwan Sugar Corporation (TSC)

Taiwan Sugar Corporation (TSC) was founded in 1946. Through gradual transformation and evolution over time, the company continues to reinforce new brand identity and to deliver sustainable value for this long-standing brand.
TSC inherited over a century of expertise in sugar production. It went through the sugar monopoly period as well as sugar liberalization. Responding to the changes in the business environment, TSC began to diversify its operations. In addition to sugar production, it further stepped into the fields of organic agriculture, livestock husbandry, petroleum, orchid, biotechnology, leisure, and retail business; moreover, to comply with government policies, it also involved land asset activation and utilization, oversea investment, and cultural heritage preservation. 
Since 2016, the company has initiated and implemented transformation plans. Incorporating the sustainability concepts of “circular economy” and “new agriculture,” it has been expanding its investments in swine husbandry, biological materials, TaiSugar Shalun Circular Village, as well as renewable energy development, and takes advantage of its resources and capabilities to promote circular economy development in Taiwan.
Looking at the past, present, and future, TSC is marching towards the goals of resource circulation, co-prosperity and sustainability. It will continue to lead industrial upgrading, pursue co-prosperity with the society, and serve as solid backing for national development and progress.

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