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TSC meets foreign media and displays its achievements in circular economy

Responding to the “5+2 innovative industries plan” of the government, Taiwan Sugar Corporation (TSC) proactively embraces the mindset of “circular economy (CE)” and “new agriculture” and further incorporates into its transition strategies, which has gained wide recognition in Taiwan. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) leads International Press Group to visit the company today for better understanding of its CE practices and achievements.
From March 24 to 27, MFA has led the foreign press to learn more about Taiwan’s political and economic development of democracy, WHA participation, humanitarian aid, and the 5+2 innovative industries plan. “This visit helps the foreign media to know more about our CE practices,” said TSC.
The company’s chairman, Mr. Charles Huang, gave opening remarks of describing how TSC has embraced CE principles into its transition strategies for the next 5 years. “As a state-owned enterprise, TSC makes contribution to the development of Taiwan by investing in foresight industries and shifting towards CE,” he said. “There are many ongoing CE-related projects, such as Agricultural Circular Park, Smart Green Circular Village, Oyster Shell Calcium Carbonate Plant, and Biogas Energy Service Company. We’ve even rented (rather than bought) LED lights for our offices.” The foreign reporters were very intrigued by those projects as well as achievements.
TSC believes investing in CE is investing for Taiwan’s future. For 73 years, TSC not only has been through the golden age of sugar production in Taiwan, but also has tightly connected to Taiwanese people’s daily life. It has deep emotions and sense of mission for this island. Realizing that shifting to CE is a necessity, the company is implementing it. For example, the Agriculture Circular Park in DonHiFong will be completed by June this year, which is expected to inject new impetus into the domestic swine industry. By setting an example and leveraging its influence, TSC expects to call for more CE investments domestically for accelerating sustainable development in Taiwan, as well as for showing our pride of taking corporate social responsibility in the global village.     

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