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Asia Pacific Circular Economy Roundtable: Embark from Taiwan, reach out to the Asia-Pacific, connect the world, and discover new frontiers in a circular economy

The first “Asia Pacific Circular Economy Roundtable” is hosted by Taiwan Circular Economy Network (TCEN) through the support of Ministry of Economics Affairs, and Environmental Protection Administration of Taiwan. The Roundtable is scheduled from 16–18 October 2019 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. It gathers around 300 key circular economy thinkers and doers mainly from Taiwan and the Asia Pacific region. The goal of the Roundtable is to inspire business leaders to explore new frontiers in the circular economy, particularly models which are suitable for the Asia Pacific region—the world’s manufacturing center.

During the 3-days event, speakers from around the world give speeches on the three major circulation systems of plastic, metal and bio. They not only address issues in textile, packaging, machinery, construction, biotechnology and food industry, but focus on the implementation by over 30 enterprises and research institutes, which have strengthen everyone’s faith to the circular life. Last but not the least, five sites visit are scheduled to demonstrate how to utilize wastes for a circular business.

Taiwan Sugar Corporation (TSC) actively participates into the Roundtable and exhibits posters, models, and sample relating to its circular economy projects. In line with government policies, TSC uses its core competencies and resource advantages to develop circular economy-related projects, such as “Donghaifeng Agricultural Circular Park”, “Oyster Shell Biomaterials Factory”, “Taisugar Circular Village (TCV) in Shalun”, and the sugar-making industrial cycle. The related planning and achievements of circular economy in TSC will elevate Taiwan’s overall circular economy, and fulfill the social responsibility of a state-owned business.

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