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Offering cash back amid COVID-19, TSC gas station understanding customer needs

Responding to the economic impacts amid COVID-19, TSC launched a “NT$50 cash back on gasoline purchases over 25 liters, NT$100 cash back over 50 liters” anniversary cash back campaign, starting from May 1 to June 30, 2020.
“Our gasoline promotion campaigns are usually based on giving away TSC products,  or promoting local agricultural goods, or donating gas reward points to charitable organizations,” said Mr. Xu, the CEO of TSC Petroleum Business Division. “However, since the outbreak of COVID-19, industries have been deeply impacted. We realize that only ‘cash back’ is the most needed relief measure for now so we directly launched a “cash back promotion” instead of freebies or gas reward point donations.” From May 1 to June 30, 2020, at all of TSC gasoline stations, gas purchases over 25 liters can earn NT$50 cash back; over 50 liters can earn NT$100 cash back. TSC supports people in a more realistic way amid the pandemic and hopes to ride out the virus storm together.

“Since the pandemic is not over yet, workers in every TSC gas station are still conducting self-health management as well as proper cleaning and sanitizing procedures,” TSC continued, “gas pump nozzles, offices and toilet areas also undergo additional deep cleaning and sanitiztion to provide customers a better and safer environment.” 
TSC now is the biggest gasoline franchise system of Chinese Petroleum Company (CPC). TSC has procured CPC gasoline for a long time and removes oil sludge from oil storage tanks and replaces oil filter elements on a regular basis to keep the brand promise of “pure quality, sufficient quantity.” Besides premium gifts and charity work,  TSC gas stations will continue to offer more convenient and more considerate services to bring empathy and thoughtfulness to customer experiences. 
TSC Petroleum Business Division customer service hotline: 06-632-8703 ext.786 / 788 

TSC News Contact Person:
Li, Ming-Chang
Petroleum Business Division, TSC 
Contact Number: 886-6-632-8703 ext.101 / 886-963-653-399
Email: a61150@taisugar.com.tw

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