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Circular Economy

Developing green industries and implementing a circular economy have been important goals for TSC’s operation. 
Management Approach of Circular Economy
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Commitments and goals

Short-term goals (within 3 years):
1.To continue the installment of solar power and biomass power generation systems
2.To complete the reconstruction of circular agricultural pig farms
3.To develop waste materials into high-value products and extend the value of resources so as to promote circular economy
Medium and long-term goals (3 to 7 years):
1.To establish a regional energy biogas center to assist in the treatment of livestock manure, food waste and agricultural wastes in the vicinity
2.To build a green circular park for pig breeding to implement the concept of circular economy
3.To complete the construction of a circular field

Responsible units

  • Environmental Sustainability Group of Corporate Sustainable Development Committee
  • Environmental Sustainability Group of Corporate Sustainable Development Committee
  • Renewable Energy Group
  • Department of Planning
  • Department of Secretariat
  • Department of Land Development
  • Department of Property Management
  • Investment Business Division
  • Department of Agribusiness Management
  • Environmental Protection Division
  • Land Use and Activation Group

Input resources

  • Construction of a green pig farm with negative pressure ventilation and water curtain, biogas power generation and solar power generation in Dong-Hai-Feng pig farm, with total expenditure of NTD 688 million.
  • A total of NTD 10.74 billion was invested in 2019 for a 2-stage reconstruction of 15 livestock farms into modern livestock houses, and the reconstruction is scheduled to be completed in 2024.
  • To construct Yuemei Tourism Sugar Factory, Xihu Sugar Refinery, Shanhua Sugar Refinery, Ciaotou Sugar Refinery, Chinshang Pastoral Farm Resort into circular fields.

Grievance mechanism

Customer Complaints Handling Guidelines, Customer Service Hotline, Customer Service Email box, TSC Facebook Fan Page

Management System and Action

BS 8001 Framework for Implementing Circular Economy Principles, Renewable Energy Certificate (REC)

Assessment management mechanism

Internal Control System, TSC Performance Assessment System, Corporate Sustainable Development Committee Work Plan and Implementation Review Meeting.

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