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Message from the President

To all our partners caring about the circular economy and sustainable development of TSC

       Agriculture is the foundation of our country. Modern agriculture plays the role of food safety, ecological environment, cultural characteristics and homeland conservation.In the face of this trend, we continue to spur ourselves and continue to create national development while fulfilling our corporate social responsibility. In the past year, wemade achievement in social, economic and environmental aspects. In the future, we will continue to work hard for a sustainable Taiwan.

Continuous Corporate Governance, Sustainable Corporate Development
       In 2017, we were awarded of “TCSA’s Taiwan Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Report Rewards- Gold Award in the Traditional Manufacturing Industry Category”, “TCSA’s Taiwan Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Rewards- Comprehensive Performance in the Traditional Manufacturing Industry Category”, “TCSA’s Taiwan Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Rewards- Individual Performance-Social Inclusion-Manufacturing Group”, “CommonWealth’s Corporate Citizenship Award-CommonWealth Top 50”, and “BSI’s Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award”. We appreciate and cherish the affirmation and will continue to practice corporate governance for the development of corporate sustainability.

Energy Conservation, Carbon Reduction, and Sustainable Environment 
       With the constant promotion of energy conservation, development of renewable energy and building of energy, in 2017, a total of 21,128,660 kw/h of electricity was generated from the cycle of sugar manufacturing, pig manure biogas, incineration power generation and solar energy generation. Besides, through energy-saving measures, a total of 313 kiloliter of oil equivalent was saved, and 907 tons of CO2e was reduced. Approximately 542,064 tons of CO2was absorbed through afforestation and the planting ofsugarcanes, which will effectively mitigate the greenhouse effect, allowing TSC to make efforts for a sustainable environment. 

Eco-friendliness, Maintaining Biodiversity Conservation 
       We believe that only a complete ecological environment can enable all creatures to survive. We will continue to assist in the maintenance of the Jacana Ecological Education Park in Guantien, Danongdafu ForestPark, Haifeng Wetland and AoguWetland.There are 104 adult jacanas, 113 nests and 147 fledglings in the Jacana Ecological Education Park in Guantien. Danongdafu ForestPark andHaifeng Wetland are important ecological parks in Taiwan.Aogu Wetland is one of the important habitats for migratory birds. What is more, we even adopt the clean-up work of Aogu Wetland and mobilized all our employees to take turns removing the fish nets and cleaning the environment in 2017.

Contributing Efforts, Promoting Common Prosperity in Society 
       For the national and socio-economic development, we contributed efforts in the “Taiwan First Investment Incentive Program” to reduce rents, cooperate with the government’s scheme of stabilizing commodity prices, take care of sugarcane farmers and set up parity areas. Meanwhile, we actively assist the disadvantaged groups in the society and handle educational and cultural activities, sport activities, elderly, handicapped, and emergency assistance and other charitable activities, with a total of 189 cases. Moreover, we set up an office in Honduras to assist the coffee farmers with the production and marketing plan and the establishment of a brand to help promote its economic environment. We also conduct investigation of the local avocado production and marketing environment to assist the development of the industry.
       We insist on fulfilling our corporate social responsibility and to stay in line with government policies as to assist in the national and social development, and to plan a series of eco-friendly social, economic and environmental policies based on the industrial characteristics with steady and pragmatic practice. As we enter the year of 2018, we will keep working to be in line with the world to create a new era of circular economy in Taiwan.

                                                        President Tao-I Kwan

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