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Company Overview

      Taiwan Sugar Corporation has actively promoted diversification and transformation. We have gradually transformed from the traditional agriculture of pure sugar production and marketing into a diversified integrated business including agriculture, industry, commerce, and service industries. , and has established eight divisions including Sugar Business Division, Biotechnology Business Division, Agriculture Business Division, Petroleum Business Division, Animal Industry Business Division, Leisure Business Division, Marketing Business Division and Hypermarket Business Division, Department of Agribusiness Management and Renewable Energy Group. The main location for product sales and services is in Taiwan, and only some of the pig breeding and flower industries are outside Taiwan.

      According to the transformation strategy planning, the SOPs of the reinvestment plan is made under the investment evaluation team’s analysis. We started with organizing the forum to integrate resources from the industries, government, academia, research, society and the media to establish a show case to gather and attract potential investment partners. With our resources of funds, land and technology, we seek for cooperation opportunities with research institutions or professional manufacturers at home and abroad to establish cooperative relations and establish circular cooperative funds for the investment in target industries related to circular economy. In addition, we also cooperate with the government’s New Southbound Policy and cooperate with domestic and foreign corporations to facilitate organizational activation and strive for diversified investment opportunities, stepping toward the development of a holding company.

      As of the end of December 2018, total investment in seventeen domestic and foreign private-owned enterprises amounted to approximately NTD 6.24 billion. In the domestic market, there are 13 companies, including Pfizer, with an investment of approximately NTD 5.157 billion, accounting for 82.64%. There are 4 companies in foreign countries, such as Taiviet Agribusiness Co., Ltd., with an investment of approximately NTD 1.083 billion, accounting for 17.36%. There are three companies in the invested businesses that have prepared Corporate Social Responsibility Report, including China Ecotek Corporation, ScinoPharm Taiwan, Ltd. and Taiwan High Speed Rail.

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