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Special Report 1 Green Oyster Shells

       The use of oyster shell waste started in the Ming and Qing dynasties when the ancestorsground the oyster shells and mixed them with glutinous rice milk to bind bricks and stones. This was an early cement substitute. The ancient city wall left at Anping Fort is the example of the ancestors' wisdom. However, nowadays people grind and use the oyster shells as a fertilizer or feed additive because oyster shells contain more than 94% of calcium carbonate, which has been widely used in different industries, such as fertilizers, feed, building materials and papermaking materials. It can even be upgraded to nutritional food additives, which can be applied to health foods or diversified applications such as beauty care products, pharmaceutical raw materials, washing materials and advanced filters.
       Existing domestic sources of calcium carbonate are materials produced based on limestone from digging ore or finished products directly imported. However, whether it is self-produced or imported, it is necessary to dig mountains for ore supply, and therefore, damage to forests, water, and soil is a great harm to the national conservation. It has also become a serious public hazard. Hence, the company plans to use calcium carbonate from oyster shells instead of the original digging mountains for ore supply to convert waste into resources, which is also in line with the goal of circular economy. Simultaneously, the two major public hazards are solved at once. Therefore, , the planning and construction of an oyster shell application production plant initially focused on the application of fertilizers and feeds. The second phase would be expanded to other industrial applications. A forum was held in December to invite research institutes of production, education, and local fishermen to conduct research and communicate with the central and local authorities.
       Although this forum has ended, this is also a new start. We will build factories, implement related projects and establish technology applications, moving to the factory business operations and product sales applications, which is a one-stop industry. We can also take this innovative mode to get rid of the idea of disgusting waste and turn waste into “green mines” for development.

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