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Improving the Ability to Manage Food Safety


       To enable people to eat healthy and safe food, TSC is obliged to keep a records of food related data as a state-owned enterprise. Before the Ministry of Health and Welfare stipulated that all units should register information on food manufacturing and processing, import, food services and sales in the Registration Platform of Food Businesses (Fadenbook) set up by Food and Drug Administration and announced that the food industry should be forced to upload the information on Food Traceability Management Information System (Ftracebook), a "Food Safety Traceability Management System" had been pre-established on its own initiative. Information on self-made foods, raw materials for OEM and ODM foods, additives, suppliers, etc., was established. The production information and inspection reports for each batch of products are uploaded to the system to strengthen the management of the traceability of various foods. The system not only reveals all the food information for TSC employees to check and compare, the food inspection report is also disclosed on the TSC’s official website, allowing consumers to check online. In 2017, we would further integrate the Company's product flow tracking mechanism of "sales and inventory system". In the future, we would combine the dual functions of product raw material traceability and product flow tracking to implement the goal of "TSC Produced, Safety Guaranteed".

Introduction of Food Safety Management System and Certification

        To enable consumers to feel confident about the purchase of TSC products and services, TSC has disclosed the necessary information for each product and service it provides, listing information regarding various raw materials, ingredients, expiry dates, country of origin, storage conditions and instructions for use on each product produced and the packaging and description of the products sold, so that consumers can understand the ingredients, sources and methods of safe use. In addition, consumer service hotlines are provided for questions and answers. All products and services that we provide to consumers comply with the relevant laws and regulations in their labeling and description. They also actively introduce Food Safety Management System and certification. TSC produced sugar, processed sugar, edible oil, organic rice, mineral water and beverages, prepared frozen foods, snack foods, health foods, functional drinks and fresh meat have all passed Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

Product Compliance

       TSC products must comply with local regulations and customer requirements, including Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation, Health Food Control Act, Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, Food Administration Act, Organic Agricultural Product and Organic Agricultural Processed Product Certification Management Regulations. In 2017, there were no violations of product health and safety, service information and labeling, marketing communications and voluntary codes.

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