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Quality Control

       In order to eliminate food safety hazards, we are committed to food safety control. We have set up laboratories/inspection rooms in food production divisions such as Sugar Business Division, Biotechnology Business Division and Animal Industry Business Division. In addition, we have introduced the most advanced detection instrument and established food safety monitoring network. The relevant laboratories of Biotechnology Business Division and Animal Industry Business Division have been certified by the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) and have internationally recognized testing and analyzing capabilities for specific test items. In order to ensure the safety of the foods produced, the relevant funds are invested in the monitoring of the quality of products, foods and raw materials every year. The cost of the laboratory under Sugar Business Division accounts for 0.66% of the revenue, Biotechnology Division accounts for approximately 6.85% of revenue and Animal Industry Business Division accounts for approximately 0.084% of revenue. For the items the laboratory is unable to test, the external third-party impartial laboratories (such as SGS) have been commissioned to assist in inspections to eliminate potential risks. Starting from the source management of food safety, we have achieved the goal of “Buy it safe, eat it safe, be healthy, trust TSC”to ensure food safety for consumers.

Quality Business Appraisal

       In order to motivate all business divisions to implement comprehensive quality management, increase customer satisfaction with TSC products and services and improve overall business performance, the “TSC Quality Business Appraisal Program” was established in 2006 for annual quality business appraisal for each business division and environmental protection business operation center (incineration plant). Since 2013, we have included all units into quality business appraisal targets and implemented the Company's quality management business in all units.

Quality Control Meeting

       TSC regularly holds quality control meetings or product quality meetings from time to time to discuss quality control issues and related improvement measures. Each business division has a "Quality Control Plan" every year. The business plans for quality policy, quality objectives, product realization, production management and customer service are used as the basis for implementation of quality control by each business division. Performance is reviewed on a quarterly basis. At the end of the year, the implementation results of quality control plans are reported. In addition, the Taiwan Sugar Headquarters randomly checks the execution status of quality control activities.

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