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Cultural Preservation and Added Value

     In cooperation with the Ministry of Culture’s promotion of “Industrial Cultural Asset Regeneration Project” and  “Guidelines for Subsidies for Preservation and Maintenance & Management of Cultural Assets from Bureau of Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Culture”, TSC’s units, including Yamay Sugar Refinery, Xihu Sugar Refinery, Douliu Sugar Refinery, Beigang Sugar Refinery, Huwei Sugar Refinery, Suantou Sugar Refinery, Xingying Sugar Refinery, Cishan Sugar Refinery, Ciaotou Sugar Refinery and Wushulin Sugar Refinery as well as Department of Land Development applied and obtained a grant of NTD 37.044 million from the Ministry of Culture to accelerate the development and utilization of the idled cultural assets in the area of sugar refineries, activate the utilization to enhance the cultural added value of the sugar industry culture, achieving sustainable development of industrial heritage.

Diversification of the Tourism Sugar Factory

      Huwei Sugar Refinery is expected to be transformed into a tourism sugar factory. The marketing of sugar industry culture will increase business benefits and drive the development of the surrounding areas. In addition, the interaction and navigation of mobile devices through augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) can attract young and parent-child groups, and the promotion of the ecological circular economy model can be promoted to deepen the concept of environmental education while at the same time enhancing the brand value and the image of the Company.

Renovation Plan of Huwei Sugar Refinery
Project Project Content
  1. Tourism Sugar Factory
  • Creating a candy paradise from sugar for both the parents and the children.
  • A Tourism Sugar Factory, like a museum, enables the coexistence of creativity and memories.
  • Adding fun to the tour through technological display techniques.
  • Create Huwei Sugar Refinery through artistic creativity.
  • Living materials for circular economy ecology.
  • Combined with surrounding attractions, the APP helps make a complete travel plan in Yunlin.
  1. A Shopping Street for Japanese Creative Products
  • The market for creative products and accommodation experience area are planned. With the image of Japanese-style shopping street and the layout of open space, the sugar industry cultural experience can be more complete.
  1. Sugar Train for Tourism
  • The first phase of restarting the engine of sugar train for tourism (Huwei Sugar Refinery-THSR Yunlin Station) is scheduled to begin in 2021. In the short-term, the landscaping in the open space within the area will be arranged, and a biking-on-the-tracks experience is also planned. In the medium and long term, Huwei Station is planned to serve as an important base with the operation of the sugar train to provide services to tourists.
  1. Exploration of an Unexplored Region
  • We plan a Fantasy Castle Adventure Area here. With the rich color and line design, visitors feel like they are stepping into a world of fairy tales.

Heritage Preservation and Activation of Sugar Railways

      Sugar Train Culture has been regarded as an important cultural asset by the government. It witnessed the live history of the development of local industries and is also a resource for future tourism development. Therefore, there is a need to repair it for good preservation. We also cooperate with the Ministry of Culture and organized steam locomotive driver training. Between May and November 2019, the steam locomotive driver training was carried out with the SL650 and SL346 steam locomotives in Suantou and Xihu Sugar Refineries for the heritage of Sugar Train Culture. Relevant plans are now being promoted.
Project & Content
Project Project Content Execution Status
Repair and Maintenance of Sugar Train with Historical Value In the period of 2018-2020, investments would be made in “Reconstruction Plan and Project of Wufen Station of Suantau Sugar Refinery”. The planning and design of the Reconstruction Plan and Project of Wufen Station of Suantau Sugar Refinery was completed in 2019, and the reconstruction project will be carried out.
The Wushulin Sugar Train Culture Redevelopment Project was organized in 2018-2019, and “Reappearance of Sugar Train Culture & the Display Planning of the Overall Train Station Space” and “Exhibition Planning and Construction of the Overall Space of the Railway Workers Depot and its Surrounding Space” were carried out. For the Wushulin Sugar Train Culture Redevelopment Project, the Display Planning of the Overall Wushulin Train Station Space and the “Exhibition Planning and Construction of the Overall Space of the Railway Workers Depot and its Surrounding Space” were completed in 2018 and 2019 respectively.
Inventory and Major repair of Steam and Diesel Locomotives
  • In the period pf 2018-2020, the Administration Office organized the “Appearance Restoration Project for Highlighted Machines and Tools in the Sugar Industry” and handled the repair of steam trains and alcohol fuel traction machine.
  • Repair No. 152 Petrol Train.
  • For the Administration Office’s “Appearance Restoration Project for Highlighted Machines and Tools in the Sugar Industry”, the outside appearance of the machine tools has been painted and refurnished, and the subsidy from Bureau of Cultural Heritage has been applied for.
  • In 2019, the dynamic repair of No. 152 petrol car was completed in Xihu Sugar Refinery and was displayed at the Cultural Festival of Sugar Train Culture.
Training for Driving and Maintenance Techniques for Internal Combustion and Steam Locomotives In 2019, we organized “training for driving and maintenance techniques for steam locomotive”.
  • In 2018, related training courses of driving internal combustion engine train were completed.
  • In 2019, staffs from related units were invited for training, and the training was completed at the end of November.
Cooperating with the Policy to Conduct the Survey of North-South Line of the Sugar Railway Inventory of cultural routes.
  • TSC has participated in the Symposium on “Survey of South-North Preparation Line” and relevant forums in 2018.
  • Participated in the International Forum on the Challenge and Realization of Industrial Heritage Route on March 8, 2019.
  • In 2019, 11 routes were surveyed for the cultural routes for sugar train culture.
Promoting the Project of Reappearance of the Sugar Railway Story in the Sugar Refinery The project of Reappearance of the Sugar Railway Story in Xihu Sugary Refinery. Reappearance of the Sugar Railway Story in Xihu Sugary Refinery Project (The construction from Wufeng Station to the area of banyan trees was completed), and the Scheme of Digitalization and Utilization Plan of Industrial Technology Data was completed in 2019.

Repair of Japanese Style Houses

      During the Japanese Colonial Period, wooden structures and the industrial facilities in sugar factories had their own styles. These structures not only witnessed the process and transformation of the sugar industry but are also unique historical landscape and a symbol of memories. After restoration, these precious cultural assets are open for accommodation experience, cultural relics exhibitions, film shooting activities and other activities. They have become cultural elements in the cultural and creative industry and enhanced the value of cultural assets of the sugar industry.

      In the period of 2017-2020, TSC cooperates with cultural units of the government for the application of “Regeneration Project of Industrial Cultural Assets” and “Management and Maintenance Subsidy Plan for Cultural Assets Preservation” to plan repair and reutilization. Currently the ongoing projects include:
  • Restoration and Reutilization of Yamay Sugar Refinery
  • Restoration and Reutilization of Huwei Sugar Refinery (including Factory Director’s Dormitory, Japanese Styled Guest House, Dormitory Group, Old Clinics and Barbershops)
  • Detailed Planning Design of the Industrial and Cultural Assets in Douliu Sugar Refinery
  • Repair and Reuse of the Beigang Sugar Refinery and the Garage of Steam Locomotive
  • Restoration and Reutilization of the city monument, the headquarters office of Ensuiko Sugar Refining Co., Ltd. and historical building of Employee Dormitory in Xingying Sugar Refinery
  • Restoration and Reutilization of the Security Unit in Ciaotou Sugar Refinery

Promotion and Marketing of Sugar Industry

      To “preserve” and “maintain” tangible and intangible cultural assets of the sugar industry and to combine creativity to continue cultural updates and accumulation, we will continue to add values and industrialize culture through assets inventory, introduction of technology, professional maintenance and government subsidies, making the brand of TSC one with unique cultural connotation value. The cultural promotion items of the sugar industry in 2019 are as follows.

2019 Sugar Culture Festival and Series of Activities

     The theme of 2019 Sugar Culture Festival was “Sugarcane Field Farm”, and the Ground-Breaking Ceremony was held on December 24. Public and students were invited to witness the ceremony of throwing sugarcane together in the Commencement Ceremony. Later, the “Pulse of Sugarcane Field” activity was held at Zengwen Farm, where there were sugarcane harvesting exhibition, sugarcane planting experience, dining in the sugarcane field and kiln cooking. Other series activities included the Huwei Sugar Refinery Commencement Ceremony, Xihu Railway Culture Festival, Wushulin Sugar Train Culture Festival-Take a Day- Tour to Sugar Train, Wandan Sugarcane Season, a tour to Ciaotou historical sites, experience of Sugar Train in Xinying and Suantou Sugar Refineries, etc.

International Cultural Exchanges

      In October 2018, Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway (W&LLR) transported the Dougal Locomotive to Suantou Sugar Refinery for the International Forum on Sugar Railways and Locomotives and a series of activities such as forming a new sister railway relationship with TSC. During the Lunar New Year in 2019, Dougal was planned to arrive in Jiayi to embrace the coming of the Year of Pig, and the railway enthusiasts were also invited to make fire dragon lanterns that would be given as a token of appreciation to W&LLR upon the time when Dougal Locomotive was returned to them.
      On July 2, 2019, TSC participated in the Second Forum on Asian Industrial Heritage Conservation organized by Bureau of Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Culture and Forestry Bureau.
      On October 21, 2019, the “Railway Talents Learning Project” held by the Preparatory Office of National Railway Museum came to Suantou Sugar Refinery for the recommissioning of 650 steam locomotive and exchanges of driver training.

Granted the Bronze Award in the Arts and Business Award

      TSC’s Sugar Culture Festival activities were granted the 14th Arts and Business Award in 2019. This is an affirmation of the efforts we have made to cultural activities which made the outside world more aware of the culture of sugar industry.

Sweet Memories-Taiwan Sugar Activities Exhibition

      In 2019, TSC and the National Archives Administration, National Development Council co-organized the Sweet Memories-Taiwan Sugar Activities Exhibition, which started on October 23, 2019 and will be relocated to Ciaotou Sugar Refinery in July 2020. In addition, the book entitled “Grains.Engraved in History- Memories of the History of Taiwan’s Sugar Industry” was also co-published.

Deep-rooted Culture Education of Sugar Industry

      On August 30, 2019, the Secretary General of TSC’s sister railway-Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway (W&LLR), Mr. Michael Reilly, visited Yongkang Elementary School in Tainan City and held an exchange forum. Yongkang Elementary School owns one 946 Brookville Locomotive which has been long used for the teaching of the characteristics of sugar train, and it has also become the development characteristics of the school.
      Fuxing Elementary School in Pingtung City set the theme of Sugar Industry and through the cooperation with Taiwan Sugar Corporation and with the help of Pingtung District Office, precious materials such as cultural documents and cultural relics were introduced and explained so that Fuxing Elementary School could participate in the 2019 Taiwan Schools Cyberfair and Fuxing was even granted the Gold Medal in the Elementary Group. Students thus can have an in-depth understanding of the culture of sugar industry

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