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Water Resources Management

Water Management

       In order to properly use water resources, TSC is committed to the enhancement of water management and wastewater recycling. In addition to introducing new technologies that have been successfully applied at home and abroad, TSC also actively promotes the recycling and reuse of wastewater to reduce the impact of wastewater discharge on the environment, and we also continue to improve the effectiveness of water conservation to reduce the consumption of water resources. All the livestock farms of the Animal Industry Business Division entrusted qualified inspection agencies to conduct sampling analysis every 6 months in accordance with the Water Pollution Prevention and Control Law and the water inspection application of animal husbandry waste (effluent) is submitted to the local environmental protection authorities for verification. In 2017, the amount of water consumption was 17,203,539m3, a 39.68% increase compared with 2016, and the water intensity increased by 45.95% compared with the previous year mainly because the rainfall in Yulin, Chiayi and Tainan areas reduced by 1,313.1mm, causing the increase of irrigation water for agriculture. Therecycling rate of wastewater was 88.17%, which was 0.44%higher than that in 2016, and the waste for production process did nothave significant impact on the water sources.

Water Saving Measures

       In order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the use of water resources, TSC continues to promote water conservation measures and turn the slogan into concrete actions.The Hypermarket Business Division follows TSC’s vision of“health and green” to fulfill its corporate social responsibility and implement the water conservation polity.In each hypermarket store, the promotion of the water conservation label products is conducted in the store, and in fly sheet the household appliances and sanitary ware with the energy conservation and water conservation labels are set as the priority of must-buy items. We also occasionally introduced discounted purchases to effectivelyencourage consumers to choose items and products with water conservation labels, establishing a good example of environmental protection and green consumption.

Product Water Footprint Inventory

       The application, review, management and audit of water use are all conducted in accordance with the Water Resources Management Regulations to achieve the goal of water conservation and efficient use of water resources. The Implementation Guidelines for Waste Reduction, Waste Recycling and Reuse, and Recycling of Multi-level Discharge for Reuse is formulated. In addition, TSC continues to improve various water use systems to increase water use efficiency based on the water conservation policy. After verified by SGS, the 50-kg refined sugar produced in Xiaogang Factory was issued a product water footprint verification statement.

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