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The Promotion of a Field of Circulation

      In the face of the environment with increasingly scarce resources, we are in urgent need of establishing a new self-sufficient life model. We not only have to promote cooperation and resource exchanges between industries at all levels, we also need to focus on local and regional material flows and gradually promote them to communities, localities and the entire city. We have planned the following various circulation fields.

Taiwan Circular Design Park in Yuemei Sugar Factory

      We set the three major axes of  Living, Working and Agriculture in the renovation of the four warehouses as the common recreation space. The investment period is divided into two phases. From 2018 to 2020, the concepts of cultural capital activation and circular economy are combined to create a circular design field. From 2021 to 2023 the goal is to create a resource recycling loop system, improve facilities and management of the park and gradually promote the concepts to the surrounding communities. Industrial transformation is facilitated with the promotion of the idea to implement the ideal of shared life. The specific concept of the park was completed in September, 2018, and with the initial space allocation and activity functions, a workshop was held on November 16th, 2018 and architects, creative designers and local industries were invited to think together.

Water Resources Reuse Project in Xihu Sugar Factory

      Xihu Sugar Factory has stopped sugar production. In view of the fact that the existing sugar-making facilities are idle, the Water Resources Circulation for Reuse Project has been formulated. With the concepts of “zero waste” and “zero emission”.Adopted to achieve the goal of zero waste in circular economy, aiming at shaping the plant area into a circular economy demonstration park with economic, recreational and educational significance.
      The first phase of this project is the circulation and reuse project for the old sewage pool. The sewage treatment tank is renovated to filter rainwater, and the pipeline is established to provide circulated water to the landscape pool for reuse, and the renovation was completed at the end of 2018. The second phase is the reconstruction project of the rainwater pipelines in the plant area, and it is planned to be able to recycle rainwater in the plant area for reuse. The feasibility report will be presented by the end of 2019. The third phase was the recycling and reuse of domestic wastewater in the plant area, and a system to recycle and reuse domestic wastewater in the whole plant area (reclaimed water circulation), and the feasibility report will be presented by the end of 2021.

Assessment of Circulation Field in Shanhua Sugar Refinery

      Shanhua Sugar Refinery is located in the Ximeili Area of Shanhua District in Tainan City, and it is one of the only two refineries that are still in operation for sugar making. If the nearby Zengwen Farm, piglet breeding farm, organic farm, organic compost farm can be combined and the kitchen waste processing plant in cooperation with Tainan City Government, the PP-bag recycling field that we allied with mushroom farmers, the ecological recreation live teaching materials (sugarcane field, artificial detention pond, Zengwenxi River bank) and other existing resources can all be introduced, and by taking the Zengwen Farm as the prototype, we can construct a model of “Symbiosis Circular Ecological Park with Agriculture Industry” as the example for future promotion of circular fields. This not only has the actual value of the industrial symbiosis cycle, but also has special significance of experiential education.

Promotion of Ciaotou Sugar Factory for the Development of a Small Circular Park

      Aresources circular field is planned within the plant area of Ciaotou Sugar Factory. The environmental education facilities certification was obtained and the education and training center is set up, providing tourists, employees and resident partners to experience and learn environmental education courses combined with educational and industrial innovation activities. The barber shop in the old sugar factory area which attracts more tourists and is near the exit of KMRT is firstly planned for the education exhibition hall.

      On November 10, we co-organized the opening ceremony of the Circular Economy Education Exhibition Hall with Environmental Protection Bureau of Kaohsiung and Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology.  This Exhibition Hall displays the Company’s policy and actions in the implementation of circular economy and promotes a series of creative products developed by making use of waste. In addition, the EPA’s Automatic Recycling Machine (ARM), display of works created by folk artists with recycled and reused materials, second-hand bags and so on make the Exhibition Hall a place for the education of the 6Rs in environmental protection.

Chihshang Pastoral Sustainable Farm

      TSC makes use of its vast grassland resources and cattle, sheep, chickens and other animals to set up a sustainable farm in Chinshang Pastoral Farm Resort and integrates the local environmental conditions to develop circular agriculture model. In addition, we also develop cooperative business model with young farmers and share the benefits generated in the sustainable farm and gradually construct a platform for information exchange and experience sharing on the theme of sustainable agriculture, making Chinshang Pastoral Farm Resort a small and diverse demonstration base for the implementation of circular agriculture with experiential leisure and experimental education.

       Currently the hardware and process of the rotation grazing, aquaponics, compost production, black soldier fly breeding, the deep litter have been initially set up, and the process optimization is continued. The application of extracting essence of Mosquito Wormwood has achieved initial results, and DIY activity for Mosquito Wormwood essence oil will be designed to make circular use of weeds as usable resources. We actively contact local NGO groups or young farmers for the discussion of feasible and mutually beneficial cooperation models and for organizing seasonal themed events such as the farmers’ market or food and farming experience. The Forum on Sustainable Farms was held on April 19, 2018; the Farmers’ Market event was held on October 20; the Circular Agriculture Workshop was held on December 17-19, 2018.

      afforestation at the planters’ expense and 10,890.63 hectares of afforestation on the flatland. According to the calculation method proposed by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), afforestation can facilitate 183,067 tons of carbon dioxide sequestration annually.


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