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Energy Conservation and Waste Reduction

Energy Conservation and Waste Reduction

Energy Conservation Technology Service Group is divided into four teams based on their tasks, including the"Audit and Coordination Team, Manufacturing Process Team, Power Energy Team and Thermal Energy Team.In addition to providing the latest energy-saving technology, the Service Group also promotes the Green Energy (solar and biogas power generation) Policy. The total energy saved by means of the energy saving measures was 4180.43GJ, with an energy saving benefits of NTD 5.63 million, reducing 907 metric tons of CO2e.
Energy-saving Measures and Effectiveness

Energy-saving Measures of all Units and Effectiveness
Item of Energy Conservation Energy saving measures and effectiveness
Energy saving measures in Agriculture Business Division Heating equipment improvement project in Wushulin Recreation Park to save energy-saving41,040m3of natural gas.
Replacement of office A/C equipment, saving 5,700 kWh of electricity.
Replace of lighting equipment, saving 5,000 kWh of electricity.
Replacement of Greenhouse Cooling Ventilator, saving 32,400 kWh of electricity.
Replacement of Greenhouse Insulation Film Equipment, saving 11,365m3of natural gas.
Energy saving measures in Hypermarket Business Division Improvement of energy efficiency of refrigeration system:
a. Energy consumption before improvement:299.95kw/h +876.98kw/h=1176.93 kw/h       
b. Energy consumption after improvement::171.03kw/h+446.85kw/h=617.88kw/h
c Energy saving:1176.93 kw/h -617.88 kw/h =559.25 kw/h
d. Energy saving rate:559.25kw/h÷1176.93kw/h×100 %=47.52 %
Conducted based on the Refrigerant and Freezer System Improvement and Energy Saving Performance Assurance Project in October,2017, the 2017 Improvement Measurement Verification Report, and the Project of Assurance of Improvement of Energy Performance of Air Conditioning System and the Improvement Measurement Verification Report in July, 2017. 
Reduction of energy consumption and waste in Animal Industry Business Division Pigs from all pig farms are sent to the neighboring livestock market for auction to reduce energy consumption during transportation.
Unified warehouse logistics and introduction of new ERP system Marketing Business Division has fully entrusted a third-party logistics and delivery service provider for regular (low) temperature delivery. Through the    unified warehouse logistic and delivery and with the introduction of new ERP system, the business operation can be more effective and the impact of traffic can also be reduced.
Energy saving measures in Petroleum Business Division All the lighting equipment in the 73 gas stations of the Petroleum Business Division was all replaced by LED lamps.  
Energy saving measures in Leisure Business Division Heat bump equipment was added in the Jianshanpi JiangnanResort to effectively save energy. Leisure Business Division invested NTD 2,880,000 for the construction of green energy project and installed a solar power generation equipment with the capacity of 51.3 KW, generating 17,660kWh of electricity.
Note: The data are all from actual calculation.

Solar Power Generation System

       Solar power generation requires a large area of field. We have the advantage of large-area land, and most of our land is located in southern Taiwan with sufficient sunshine, suitable for the development of solar power generation.We work in line with the government’s green energy policy and installed solar power generation equipment in gas stations, on the roofs of our factories and on the land, reducing pollution and carbon emission. In 2017, South Shalun Farm leased the roofs of the pighouse for the installation of solar PV equipment with the equipment capacity of 2,284.91 KW, and TSC’s Evergreen Laurel Hotel adopted self-investment method to set up roof-type solar PV equipment with the equipment capacity of 51.3 KW, and the total equipment capacity amounted to 2,893.83 KWwhile the total power generation reached 1,365,447 kWh, a 120.12% increase ompared with 2016, and the set-up volume has increased significantly by 2,336.2 KW.

Green Energy

       Most of Taiwan’s energy relies on imports. TSC works with the government’s overall energy transformation that promotes the integration of energy-saving, energy -generating, energy-storage and smart systems to reduce the burden on the environment, and works hard for low-carbon Taiwan and environmental protection.Taiwan Sugar Corporation promotes bagasse power generation, waste heat generation from waste incineration, solar power generation and biogas power that uses livestock excreta and biogas with bio-potential agriculture waste materials and developed pollution-free energy and renewable energy. In 2017, the total power generation from green energy and renewable energy amounted to m211.2866 illion kWh.

Green Carbon Reduction

      To cooperate with the government policy to develop a green economy and plan for afforestation, the total afforestation area reached approximately 12,295.97 hectares, equivalent to the area of approximately 473 Da-an Forest Parks. According to the calculation method proposed by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC),the average annual carbon dioxide sequestration per hectare of forest land per year is about 14.9 tons, and afforestation can facilitate 183,210 tons of carbon dioxide sequestration annually. Sugarcane, the raw material for sugar manufacturing can sequestrate carbon dioxide in the air while releasing oxygen, achieving the effect of purifying air. In 2017, the total area of sugar cane farming reaches 7,594.8 hectares. If every hectare of sugarcane farm can sequestrate 47.25 tons of carbon dioxide, and with the overall sugarcane farming area, the carbon dioxide sequestration can reach 358,854.3 tons.

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