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Water Pollution Prevention

     In accordance with the Water Pollution and Prevention Act, TSC has established relevant wastewater treatment procedures and applied for operation permit for discharge. In addition, after the secondary aeration treatment, wastewater discharged from sugar manufacturing and livestock farming is treated properly and the content of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), suspended solid(SS)all meet required standards for surface water discharge. TSC cooperates with the government policy for the promotion of reuse of reclaimed water to reduce the extraction of groundwater and there is separate discharging of rain and wastewater to reach the reduction effectiveness. Other general domestic sewage is discharged after being processed by the environmental protection facilities set up by local governments without significant impact on water resources. The amount of wastewater discharged in 2017 reduced by 16.85% compared with 2016.

Wastewater treatment process of Animal Industry Business Division (Pig Farms)
♦The wastewater adopts secondary aeration treatment system.
♦ In 2012, facilities for“separate discharging of rain and water” was established in the pig farms that met the requirements of EPA’s Water Pollution Control Measures and Test Reporting Management Regulations.  
♦ In 2017, Animal Industry Business Division initiated the application for the reuse of the wastewater in the farm, and 5 pig farms were approved for the reuse, with the accumulative amount of 181,480 tons of reclaimed wastewater.Other livestock farms will apply for it in 2018. 
♦ To cooperate with the EPA’s project to use biogas slurry and residues as farmland fertilizer, four projects were approved in 2017, and TSC actively carried out the plan and made good use of biogas slurry and residues to increase soil fertility, reducing discharged wastewater and pollution.
♦Wastewater discharge standards: BOD:80ppm,COD:600ppm,SS: 150ppm.

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