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Waste Management

       In order to effectively control business waste generated by each business division, TSC cleans up, disposes or reuses waste in accordance with environmental regulations and regularly files related reports through Internet transmission. In addition, the Company also inquires and confirms the removal, disposal and reuse of the business waste within the specified time limit to avoid penalties for non-compliance.The Company has formulated the “Key Points for the Application of Business Waste Online Reporting and Tracking Management” to carry out the classification, collection, storage, management, removal and transportation of waste to effectively control waste. Good source reduction control starts from the implementation of process waste reduction, and pollution control and environmental monitoring should also be carried out. The fully treated and qualified wastewater is sent back for the reuse in the process, and treated wastewater meeting the discharge standards is reused in the farm. Wastewater biogas power generation equipment wasbuilt in the First and Second Livestock Farms in Daxiangying Farm, and livestock farms in Liukuaicuo, Haipo, and Silin under the Animal Industry Business Division,which effectively reduced the odor in the surrounding areas of the livestock farms, and resources can be recycled for reuse, which can greatly improve the quality of the environment. The recycling ratio of waste resource in 2017 reached88.72%, increased by 0.8% compared with 2016.TSC worked on the reduction of the total amount of waste and non-recyclable waste such as fly ash stabilizing materials, general-purpose containers and waste liquidin 2017, and the recycling ratio also increased, showing our efforts in waste recycling, stabilization, harmlessness and economicalization.

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