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Overseas Investment

New Southbound Policy Region (Southeast Asia)

      Southeast and South Asian countries have abundant natural resources and excellent human resources. In recent years, economy in this region has showed great performance and has become a new star in global economic growth. TSC has invested in sugar refineries and livestock farms in Vietnam. We also launched out “new southbound policy” and have actively engaged in negotiations about technical cooperation with state-owned sugar factories in Indonesian and also with public sectors. Investment in existing sugar factories is also made, including assisting in cultivating sugarcane varieties suitable for the local environment there, establishing a research center and even assisting in the improvement of production technology of existing sugarcane gardens of the sugar factories to expand the overseas layout of the Sugar Business Division and to provide overseas job opportunities for young people in Taiwan.  

Central and South America

      Honduras is an important country we have diplomatic relation with. Coffee is an important export commodity of Honduras. Based on the consideration of overseas agriculture and humane care for coffee farmers, TSC directly purchases coffee from smallholders in Honduras and cooperates with domestic companies to bring excellent Honduran coffee to people in Taiwan and give back partial of the profits to projects to enhance the smallholders’ production technology and quality of life in Honduras. Purchases from smallholders and marketing activities of the project will continue from 2018-2022 to establish TSC’s Honduran coffee brand and consumer groups.
      Moreover, the Company cooperates with a startup IMPCT and returns partial of the profits from coffee selling to Honduras to build schools. Currently an old abandoned primary school was renovated and rebuilt into a high school in a remote community called Los Izotes in Honduras. The new school was opened on August 26, 2018, and currently 25 students aged between 12-18 have registered in this school. TSC not only provides teachers, teaching materials, teaching aids but also books and stationery that students need, we also provide basic secondary school courses and plan customized “community young leader development program” for the local young people in the rural village in Honduras to cultivate their leadership and life skills. Starting from education, the community economy is activated and the well-being of the community is enhanced. The establishment of the school will influence the lives of as many as 200 households, completely reversing the development of the entire community.

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