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Management of Cultural Assets

Industrial Cultural Asset Regeneration Project

       In cooperation with the Ministry of Culture’s promotion of “Industrial Cultural Asset Regeneration Project” in 2017, TSC’s units, including Xihu Sugar Refinery, Douliu Sugar Refinery, Suantou Sugar Refinery, Huwei Sugar Refinery, Sinying Sugar Refinery, Ciaotou Sugar Refinery, Cishan Sugar Refinery and Hualien Refinery as well as Taiwan Sugar Research Institute applied and obtained a grant of NTD 45.415 million from the Ministry of Culture to accelerate the development and utilization of the area of sugar refineries, shaping them into fields for cultural education and tourism to market the culture of sugar industry.

Inventory of cultural assets

       Starting from2005, TSC established relevant regulations in accordance with government policies and organized manpower to conduct cultural assets inventory in seven categories, including historical materials, records of architectural civil settlements, cultural artifacts and tools, natural cultural landscapes, intangible cultural assets, group summaries, and oral history. As of the end of 2017, there were a total of more than 14,000 items, including9,843items of historical materials,314 items of architectural and civil facilities, settlements and relics, 3,475 items of cultural artifacts and tools, 391 items of cultural and natural landscapes, 41 items of intangible assets, 77 items of group summaries, and 632 pieces of oral history.

Registration of cultural assets

       In terms of the registration of the cultural assets announced by the competent authority in accordance with the Cultural Heritage Prevention Act, as of 2017, TSC registered 37 historical sites, 26 historical buildings, 5 cultural landscapes, 1 relic site, and 2 antiques, with a total of 71 items. Please refer to the sub-item of Culture of Sugar Industry under Social Participation on TSC’s Corporate Sustainable Development Website.

Taiwan Sugar Museum

       To cooperate with the Ministry of Culture in the promotion of Industrial Cultural Asset Regeneration Project, TSC made use of the cultural assets of the Sugar Industry, including the transportation equipment, sugar factories, building facilities and production equipment and transformed these cultural assets into a living space with local and cultural features with educational and tourism functions. So far, there are Yuemei Tourism Sugar Factory, Xihu Sugar Railway Cultural Park in Changhua,Zhe-Cheng Cultural Park of Suan-Tou Sugar Factory in JiaYi County, Xinying Railway Cultural Park in Tainan, Wushulin Recreation Park, Kaohsiung Sugar Museum, TaitungCultural and CreativeMuseum, and Hualien Tourism Sugar Factory, aiming at increasing the Company’s revenues with added cultural value and enhancing corporate image. In addition, TSC has set up 8 tourism sugar factories and 10 cultural museums, displaying historical materials collected. These places are open to the general public, and schools or organizations can apply for a visit or for field trips. In addition, we also provide relevant cultural and historical information for academic research in domestic universities and colleges. TSC reuses the sugar culture and also does its part in social education. In 2017, the cost invested in the maintenance of cultural assets of sugar industry amounted to NTD 80.618 million, and the number of visitors reached 1.094 million person-times.

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