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Effective Land Management

Land management status

       As of December, 2017, the land area of TSC’s existing land resources reached50,012.53 hectares (excluding 126.52 hectares of land overseas). In accordance with the concept of business development and sustainable development of land resources, TSC continues to cooperate with the governments’ land resource requirements based on the public policies, and conducts the planning, coordination and integration of the land resources as well as the overall management of the land based on the plans of each business unit, the resource allocation also meets the optimal economic scale of each unit as a basis for future development planning and further to create a niche for sustainable management.

Cooperation with government land demand

       TSC provides land for industrial area use, for SMEs to set up plants and for incentives of major construction use in accordance with the Guidelines for Land Lease and Provision for Establishment of Superficies. As of December, 2017, TSC has provided 403 pieces of land for creation of superficies, with a total area of 1,106.99 hectares; and 679 cases of land for rent, with a total area of 394.06 hectares.

Providing land for major construction

       We have spared no effort in supporting the nations’ major economic construction and provided land for countless major construction projects such as the science parks, industrial area, national universities, high-speed rail, and the metropolitan park. In addition, TSC also cooperates with the government’s economic development programs and agricultural land release programs to increase private investment, enhance industrial development, create employment and increase the country’s treasury income. From 2006to 2017, a total of 2,872.14 hectares of land was released to cooperate with government policies. In 2017, TSCcooperated with the government policies and provided, acquired or sold land to government agencies for major construction purposes, with a total area of 94.42 hectares, and the projects included the Distribution Pool Project in the Pingding Highland in Dadu and Longjing Districts ,land for NantouWanglai Industrial Park, the urban plan designated the North Side of Kaohsiung Airport as the airport site, Kaohsiung CityXiaogangHospital Expansion Project, and MRT Construction Design and Planning Project of TRA Kaohsiung-PingtungChaozhou.

Specific area for Tainan Metropolitan Park Project

      The Company provided 137.20 hectares of land and signed a cooperation development agreement with Tainan City (former Tainan County) on May 2, 2003 to develop a specific area for Tainan Metropolitan Park in a cooperative development model on the land of approximately 40 hectares donated by TSC in 2005 for the development of Tainan Metropolitan Park (including the museum park, funded by Chimei Corporation with an area of 9.5 hectares and donated to Tainan City Government on May 17, 2012 and opened on January 1, 2015.) TSC divided the investment of the public facilities in the priority development area outside the Metropolitan Park into 5 phases. In the first phasedevelopment area,public constructions such as roads, green areas, the park and children’s playground(approximately 1.8 hectares) were completed and then donated to the City Government on February 23, 2011. In the second phase development area,public constructions such as roads, green areas, plaza and parking lots(approximately 2.29hectares) were completed and transferred and donated to the City Government on December 1, 2015. The land handover operation was completed onFebruary 26, 2016 and currently the commission design, supervision and construction as well as the drainage plan review of third phase public facility constructionare ongoing.

Cooperation with environmental protection facilities

       TSC provides long-term lease of land to local governments for the policy requirement of waste landfilland provides land for 19 waste landfill sites (105.22 hectares), 2 incinerators (17.85 hectares) and 1 recycling plant (0.1 hectare) in seven cities and counties, including Taichung, Changhua, Yunlin, Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung, and Pingtung, with a total of 123.17 hectares of land.

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